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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Best April Fools Tropical Meteorology Joke Ever

Funniest April Fools Day Post

Name Invest 92L Retired ;)

Really not worth even bothering to write a blog post today as I am still laughing at the one I linked to above......... just click on the link above.

Sometimes just learn to go with the flow. It's April Fools Day. The birds are singing, it snowed up north somewhere and in Miami no one knows what it's like to have snow in March let alone December. 

A sample of the link above that illustrates why you must click on that link if you haven't already.

Funny post. Funny pics. Read, watch, laugh and enjoy life. I'll post again tomorrow. Back on the East Coast though my inner body is still on the West Coast. Life goes on. 

Besos Bobbi

Ps It is 60 days until the start of the Hurricane Season... more or less. We have lots of time to talk on that later. Laugh today, deal with reality tomorrow.

He may not be a female meteorologist but his bio begs to be read.


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