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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Subtropical Development off Florida? Pre-Season Begins for 2015 Hurricane Season - NMB History Fulford By the Sea

Speculation in tropical development in late April is a lot like Land Booms in Florida in the 1920s. You're basically selling someone a whole lot of swamp land, but then again.. it is in Florida.

This beautiful monument was built for Fulford By The Sea.
That begat Fulford.
Fulford begat North Miami Beach 
North Miami Beach begat NMB

(kind of land locked there but its still in Florida...)

I was the archivist for NMB at one time at the public library and here's a little tidbit they don't advertise in the travel brochures. They sold the "sea" part not that long ago considering modern history as they didn't want to pay for the mangroves on the beach. Those mangroves that were once known as Myakka... are not worthless land but Sunny Isles Beach. Long story and calls for it's own blog, but the city leaders of North Miami Beach did not have the foresight the early founders did when they actually....had a sea. But, hey when you are standing on 163rd Street looking west at sunset through the palms.. you can forget the crime and grime and know you are living a way better life than back in Cleveland in January. The notes of the board meeting where they dumped that beach sand back on Miami Dade County are priceless.... by the way ;),_Florida

Good blog on Fulford:

So, why am I talking about swamp land and not a possible subtropical low forming off the coast of Florida that the models have latched onto and we are watching curiously? Because it's a lot like Florida Swamp Land.. before they cleared it and put up paradise. It's early, it's pre-game football (which I'd kill for right now personally) as it's not the real thing, but it's something. The right location, not really any real value or development. Too late to be a backdoor cold front, blizzard, Nor'easter and not really ready for the Hurricane season.

We've been watching it for days. But, since the European model latched onto it and has tried to close off the bubble that was lingering off the coast of the Space Coast... it is now prime time being sold by Jim Cantore and being covered by the TWC when they are not hawking their show on prospectors.

See... we've been watching. I've been waiting a bit to see what to say on it other than will be there and looking forward to any tropical rain or subtropical rain I can get.

Note it moves up along the coast from FL to the Carolinas.

See we've been discussing the possibilities for a while.

 The GFS and ye olde CMC were showing this possibility, but when the European latched on and became suggestive it went prime time. So, what will happen? A lot of rain probably, but then South Florida has been in the cross hairs of rain for the last several days.

Good quote:
“It’s pretty much raining throughout South Florida,” said CBS4 meteorologist Lissette Gonzalez"

Read more here:
Gonzalez is well known in Miami area, rated as the best meteorologist in 2013 by the New Times. Prime time Miami ... a walking illustration of brains and beauty and someone living in paradise... even if it does rain a lot in paradise this time of year. 

So, keep watching the tropics. We are getting closer day by day and no matter what anyone says the pattern is set. The main mitigating factor for now is increased shear in the GOM and the El Nino that is present. As I said I will add more to my discussion on the upcoming 2015 Hurricane Season soon but for now there is something on the map worth discussing more than forecasts for a season that is 32 days away.  A small tropical system can blow up in the GOM or anywhere near the bathtub gin water of the Florida Straits and create tropical stress in a city already flooded from April rainfall. And, usually when Miami has this set up we have more to worry on systems coming up from the SW than we have from long trackers moving WNW from Cape Verde.

Personally I'm still watching the GOM as well... 

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

Besos Bobbi

Ps... I'll be back to discuss this possible subtropical low as well as the coming 2015 Hurricane Season... as well as highlighting women in meteorology who inspire us all. Below is the music video that used to do me in when I lived in LA... missing Miami.

Extra Credit Ps ;)

Brad Panovitch is so great he makes me wish I lived in Charlotte, NC and that town is pretty far inland for me, but it might be worth it to make the move. He's good. He's also good to watch to see what is moving this way when I am in Raleigh. His cover picture on Facebook reminds me of Miami and the way the clouds look on any given day. Check out his Facebook to enjoy his broadcasts he puts there of the forecast and his excellent, easy to understand explanations of local weather.


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