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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Recon in .. No Upgrade Yet. Strong winds, No Center... PS. I Love Miami :)

This is an update of the previous post.
Recon went in, found the winds but no closed center.

A center COULD develop with time.
Either way beach hazards, winds, high surf remain.

Salient part of the discussion:

"Environmental conditions are favorable for some additional
development, and any increase in the organization of 
the associated thunderstorm activity would result in the 
formation of a subtropical
cyclone. "

Keep watching for the latest information

I'll update when and if there is an upgrade to Depression or named status
Post below is from this morning at 11 AM 
before recon could not find a center
Better luck next trip in?

Post below describes the situation
You can watch this system in real time on the link above.

Waiting on recon to gather information this morning from the non-tropical low pressure system off the Carolina coastline. It's looked better on the last several frames but it's still disorganized. As for an upgrade to a designated system they need to get a good up close picture of what is going on at all levels of the atmosphere. It's proximity to the coast and the numerous models that take it onto shore makes this a more compelling set up than if it was meandering off the coast in the middle of the Atlantic.

Not much to say definitive until the data comes in, gets evaluated, analyzed and the NHC gives their opinion. It's sort of like putting nail polish on. You pick an Essie color, in this case "madison \ave-hue"and then you put it on, then 3 people call to make plans fast (while it's wet) and you have to hope it will dry in time to finish getting dressed for the party. Or... yeast for the bread to rise or get to the pier before the fish are all gone... Nuff said. We are in wait and see mode.

Note it's moving a bit to fast or part of it is, its a LARGE system and if there is a consolidated area of low pressure at the surface is the real question. The weather is already on shore. Note some models take it on shore and bounce it off and..

Check for immediate updates. Be like most storm tracker/chasers you can check it every 5 seconds or as fast as it lets you.

Where we stand this morning.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Note the big weather was out in Oklahoma last night.
Not off the Carolina Coast...

12 hours ago:
Not so impressive:

sat_wv_east-10.gif (640×512)

Current image to compare and contrast

sat_wv_east.gif (640×512)

More compelling but far from a Tropical Storm to me
(hey unless recon says otherwise)

I use this site to show you how much difference 12 hours can make.

You can use the page below to follow recon

Models take it anywhere from Myrtle Beach to OBX

There's a beautiful spot called Ocean Isle Beach
OIB as the locals call it...faces south.
Would be a great place to be today to watch stormy weather

at201590_model_zoom.gif (640×480)

Anywhere in this general circle you got weather
with or without a name
the conditions will be the same
so will the beach hazards
so be careful,_North_Carolina

Going to a wedding tonight.
Best friend's family.
Watched the girl's mother grow up.
Watched the groom's father grow, mature.
Going to dance, have fun and enjoy life.
And, I'll be watching the wxr from my phone.
Might even be storm chasers there..
Let's call her Magda... 

That's the glory of love and friendship

I'll be updating as the NHC updates
While out with Male Meyer Men ;) 

Miami  . . 


Besos Bobbi

Ps,,, be it Miami or Charleston or Wilmington...
We LOVE our water views... 
Rather be here than living in Moore

And, no one knows it better than my kids...

(personally I'd like a condo with a view downtown...
...near the Arena, Bayside, Biscayne Bay...)


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