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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Invest 90L Forms off FL Coast headed to Carolina OBX

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

There's a country song called, "Must be doing something right" and for "ANA" to form from this large, broad pocket of messy weather she must do something right. It's an odd recipe to make a May Tropical (or Sub-tropical) Storm, sort of like that recipe for chocolate cake that has no eggs but uses vinegar instead. In the end... it looks like chocolate cake and if done well doesn't taste so bad. That is where we are this morning.

Seems the situation is slowly coming together, but fast enough for the NWS to change the entire forecast discussion from a few hours ago. It also has been labeled Invest 90L. More on that later. Just making a red point here, how fast things are changing. Again an INVEST is not a named storm... it means we are INVESTIGATING a stormy area that has potential . . .

NOTE: Worth remembering the best thing that can come from this Invest is that we will see how the models are running and ramp u awareness for the 2015  Hurricane Season. Take it as a dry run, a dress rehearsal and be aware it's out there if you live anywhere along the coastline from FL to NC.

It must be doing "something" cause the rains that hung over Miami
have moved up the coast 
and there is a slight twist

WUNIDS_map (640×480)

Models so far show it's tracking for South of the Border
NC SC border that is..

Look at that.
May 6th.
A track map.

Track 1. Misses the coast, coast gets rain.
Track 2. Hooks inland coast gets more rain.
Either way high surf and some beach erosion

If no ANA forms ... the weather will still be there.

Truth is nothing much has changed in reality.
Still waiting to see what tricks this girl has up her sleeves.

Stay tuned.

Put it in perspective.
The rain is hugging the East Coast of FL for now
and the rain is lifting north

NatLoop_Small.gif (600×282)

IF it wraps we will have something to talk about.
If Hurricane Hunters go in and take a look.
If the pressure drops in one area.

Then we'll know more. 

If you live anywhere between Myrtle Beach and the Outer Banks...
....this is a test run, dress rehearsal.

The beach will be a storm lovers dream.
Well...a beach only a storm chaser would love ;)

A good site to use for every detail is
Coverage on all fronts, covering the "storm"

Besos Bobbi

Ps... more later as it develops.
Personally going to another beach today .. my beach.
I"ll be watching loops and will update later as warrants
IF something develops
IF it does something right....


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