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Monday, May 04, 2015

Waiting on Ana. Rains Over Florida. Headed For Carolinas?

I wanted to post this image as it's from a fantastic meteorologist in Charlotte, North Carolina. He does a great job for the general coverage area...which in his case often covers up to Raleigh and the Beaches as well as the mountains. He's well respected across a wide area and these are his thoughts for a system that may be Ana and may affect his viewing area in one way of another. Round these they say... people have homes by the Lake or down by the Beach where they go for the weekend. A storm by any name will affect a lot of people who may want to go down to the beach for Mother's Day.  For most parts of the US this may seem like a "huh?" but in North and South Carolina (add in Georgia for good measure) people often go away to a family vacation home ... closer to the beach. Sort of like the often talked about, but not yet formed "ANA" possibly the first "storm" of 2015. 

A good early view of what coastal cities will have to deal with if and when Ana forms.

Says it all, Good graphic. 

Florida Forecast: Rainy

A view of our developing "something" Ana...

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

Yes, a lot of us are having fun talking about "ANA"

As for me I'm going to the beach too..
Going home to Miami Beach...
Hollywood Beach
Some beach...some where
in South Florida

I'll post again later in the day when we get a good look at the visible satellite and see whether or not this is a realistic target for the NHC to send out some planes. There has been discussion that planes may go out Tuesday... if not most likely Wednesday.

Please read the deeper discussion on the situation...
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