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Friday, May 08, 2015

ANA. Subtropical Storm.Done Deal. Season Gets An Early Start

Introducing Subtropical Storm ANA
2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season is here...early.

This is going to be a short post, followed by a longer post later this afternoon, as the main point here is to say the obvious... Ana formed, the season started early and she is going to sit there and spin for a while. The steering set up has her trapped under a high pressure ridge and until that moves out... she will dance off shore. I was at a wedding for my best friend's granddaughter last night, I danced for hours and hours and hours. I am not it seems normal to say Ana is dancing. She's a young grandmother, the mother of the bride is pregnant... they are all young, beautiful and wild dancers. An awesome, smart, vibrant family celebrating with their friends..and family... come rain or come shine.  Dancing was inside... the storm had passed and in our world rain is considered a blessing!

And, it's one of those weekend Chabad weddings where people are staying at the hotel and having brunch together and then there are Shabbos services and well.. it's more of an event or a family reunion. So, short on time this morning and to be honest...there is not much to say but to state her existence. She is here..and so is the 2015 Hurricane Season.

Not forecast to be much more than she is...

Reminds me a lot of Alberto off shore in 2012
Blend that with Beryl closer to the coast and stronger

As for 2015 Cantore is on the same beach I took pics of Sandy as he passed NC

One of my favorite piers

There's Cantore there in 2015.
Makes you wonder what this season really holds in store...

Hmmm this season is supposed to be similar to 2014.
I don't think so.
Think this season will have some Ana.

I'll be back with an update later today.

Last night the wedding service which Chabad holds outside..
went on despite the rain.
Guests under the covered patio nearby
Passing squall with a severe weather warning ;)

That pic was taken around 5:30 PM...daylight
with a wild passing line flying by...

Chabad of Miami Lakes... 

Wonderful wedding...
Doing the wedding brunch now and...

I'll deal with Ana later ;)

Besos Bobbi


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