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Sunday, May 10, 2015

TS Ana Makes Landfall Myrtle Beach... 3 weeks before June 1st...

Landfall: Myrtle Beach
Headed slowly North into NC

NatLoop_Small.gif (600×282)

Sort of impressive. May 10th & Ana on the cover of Spaghetti Models

Be aware in "slow seasons" its sometimes common to have an early storm.

But, it will be a while til we know what kind of season 2015 really will be...

Ana is a minimal, compact, slow moving Tropical Storm.

Her slow motion may add in the rainfall totals in her path.

Becky Elliot a meterologist for Accuweather puts it well:

Small but there.

Actually like a lot of us mothers... doing our thing.

Yes, it's Mother's Day.

I'm in Miami doing Mother's Day at home with my kids.

I love Mrytle Beach ...but I'll let Ana do MB this go round...

Future track is as follows:

Simple set up:
Ana moves slowly NNE into NC...
Gets caught up by the larger front ...
Zooms faster NNE  & out to sea.

The models did a bang up job of predicting Ana & her track.
Good to know...

Happy Mother's Day to all and here's a picture present for my weather friends.

Besos Bobbi

Ps. Do you know where your evacuation route is?
You imght want to double check...
2015 Hurricane Season IS here


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