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Monday, March 03, 2014

Oscar Gumbo & Winter Storm TITAN

You know what I LOVE about Mike's website? It's like a good Gumbo..  A good party... a little bit of everything. A serious weather site spiced up with the best sites on the web ...whereby one passing by surfer can surf in fast and get a real feel for what's going on in their neck of the woods. Love it.

And....THAT is what us weather folks want... more, more and more weather information all in one spot. Like a feast filled with satellite imagery, modeling packages and visual forecasts so we can sit back..sip some Cuban Coffee and watch some storm forming down in the Caribbean that is either gonna head up north to New Orleans, Tampa or the East Coast of Florida.  It's all there... a BBQ on a sunny, Summer Afternoon online.

But, today is Monday and it's still the Winter that refuses to leave and we are still watching the winter weather sites while counting down the days to the Hurricane Season.

As for Winter Storm's been a slow moving, under producer storm. And, one that seems to want to do it's own thing and dilly dally around until it decides exactly what it wants to do. Sort of a gumbo kind of storm.. a little bit of this, a little bit of that and let's throw that in as well. More of a Lagniappe Storm... Here in Raleigh we are expecting some rain...and then a fast turn over to sleet and then... a dusting of snow. You know like powdered sugar on a Winter Funnel Cake. Honest. Well..we'll see... Definition for lagniappe:  "something given as a bonus or extra gift."

Okay, I am in a funky sort of gumbo mood and looking for recipes to make for Fat Tuesday :)

Titan was supposed to come in fast and furious last night in New York City around 7pm. Then it changed. Immediately my older daughter called up to ask me "do I HAVE to work tomorrow??" as she drives up to White Plains from Brooklyn every morning. Mind you ... many Mondays this winter she has not driven up there as school has been called for winter weather. She actually slid on black ice a few weeks back as it seems driving in Ottawa for 3 years was more driving through the snow not as much on it...  Small accident, she's okay.. back on the road. Either way she called last night annoyed:

 "There's no storm" she announced. Going to post this exactly as the conversation went down: "She doesn't knowww"  Am going to quote her here EXACTLY.

"You're not on your ball game Mommy. We got nothing, just a dusting. It got really cold and they said the really cold weather pushed the snow away. They ordered more salt and stuff, but it's just a dusting"  (They being 'Channel 12 ABC News...)"They were a little off on it" (yawnnnnn) First they said around 8 and then they said around 11 and then.......nothing. Jersey is getting slammed."

As she was on the phone with me another Facebook Friend sent me a message:

"AVI: what happened to my snowday ??!!

She's driving north... cold, but no snow. Avi is going to work in Far Rockaway. Hey, you win some.. you lose some. What are they going to do unfriend me? Actually.. I told them to check with the National Weather Service with this storm as I'm busy down in Raleigh and wasn't sure how this storm would pan out exactly.

Reminds me of that old joke... "no soap radio."

This is going to be a short post just to point out when one place doesn't get the snow.. someone else gets it.."

The storm went SOUTH.... DC to Jersey is "getting slammed" and it's going to slam into our area as..."something" a little later this morning.

As for the OSCARS... it was one of the worst Oscar shows I have ever, ever ..ever seen and I have seen a lot. I feel like Ellen ruined the show and saved it all at one time with her Selfies and her pizza party shtick. Cute in  way. Not old school Hollywood Glamour, but also feel that Hollywood is getting old and not really where it's at and that's hard for me to say being a girl who lived in LA ..once upon the time and has more than a little to do with a few ummmm productions. was the we watched and then... we went to bed. Bed ..I got to tell you was more fun than the Oscars ;)  Isn't it amazing how Jennifer Lawrence lost the Oscar and yet kept stealing the show?

Great performances in some mediocre movies if you ask me. Watched American Hustle on Saturday Night, great movie. A lot of great movies. A lot of great winter storms this year.

Is it over yet?
Can we go back to Hurricanes yet?? Please?

I"ll be back with more thoughts on Winter Storm Titan (can we please stop naming them??? pretty please??)
and yes I will kiss and tell... I retweeted ;)

Besos Bobbi... mentally down on the Bayou.
Ps... Wow did Pink really sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow??


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