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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SNOWING IN RALEIGH ... sweet, beautiful snow..

Up close in my Carolina hood...

Wow, it's really snowing. Accumulating fast across the Raleigh Triangle area... over a half in inch in the last half an hour in my yard. Heavy, steady, wet snow. My husband said it's snowball snow.. I'll take his word on it. For me.. it's sitting by the window with a cup of tea and smiling out at the snow coming down during the daytime. Snows so often in Raleigh overnight, this is a BIG treat for  me. Then again..tonight it's supposed to do the freezing rain thing. Supposed to .... no one seems sure until it happens round here.

The squirrels in my back yard have a love/hate relationship with my husband. He hates them, they love his bird feeder. This one was extremely stubborn as the cardinal watched from the dogwood tree and finally gave up and just flew over and nibbled away while the squirrel stared through the window at me. They took turns sharing it for the next few minutes. The cardinal took cover from the snow... the squirrel stayed frozen planted to the spot trying to get more of his nutty booty..

At NC State my daughter sent this picture of the snowPACK on campus.. love it really.

Note it is off and on windy...gusty and the snow swirls around momentarily
Big flakes are falling, small flurries swirling all at once

This is a short post to post the fact that it IS snowing... and to remind people of the following things.

Check your battery operated radios (if you haven't tossed them) and make sure the batteries work in case you lose power or cable tv.. 

If you are traveling let the people know where you are going and when you expect to be there. This IS a dangerous storm and has already accounted to several deaths and multiple traffic injuries.

As for me.. I'm cooking food for Shabbos in case we lose power, just in case ... better safe than sorry and we can warm it up on the gas grill after the storm. Hey, we all have priorities.. and it keeps me busy as I stand in the kitchen watching the snow come down from through the bay window that looks out onto the deck.

My friend's deck and forest of trees is bigger than mine... she says they seem more like Ice Flakes than Snow Flakes. She's from up north...she should know.

I've had an inch by my ruler as I sit here.. in just under and hour. And, it began snowing within ten minutes of when Wolfpack Weather said it would.. pretty good.

Later :)

Besos Bobbi

Ps Read the previous post for more information and thoughts..


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