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Monday, February 03, 2014

Seattle Plays a Super Game.. Dominates The Super Bowl

That man is Russell Wilson. He is not Peyton Manning or RBG3 or Mark Sanchez.... He was told he would never be good enough to play Quarterback for the NFL. He believed in himself and in his 2nd year in the NFL he proved them wrong. Seattle..not Denver dominated the game last night. So much for experience.

Statistics don't tell the story for Miami fans... 
Wes Welker, an ex Miami Dolphin who was traded, scored the two point conversion
after a touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas to stop this Super Bowl from being a Shut Out.

My mind's bouncing around faster than a ball in a pinball game.  What a game if you are a Seattle Seahawks fan ....which I am and not a fan of the Denver Broncos. Guilty on both accounts there so I am doubly excited this morning!

I love Football. Everything you need to know from life can be learned from watching football.

Teamwork, practice, good communication between partners of any kind and having a game plan. Also, helps to have a Plan B if Plan A is not working. Defense wins games with the caveat that your offense cannot give the ball away. Over confidence going into a game can take you down faster than an over thrown pass or missed snap. Confidence and humility needs to work hand in hand as players on the field  need to become one unified team with one win. You can't rest on past laurels. You need to be prepared for surprises. People are people, they have good days and bad days and on any given Sunday one team can beat another team against all odds.

Success stories like Russell Wilson are inspirational and every kid should read his biography and learn how he was told he would never be good enough... except by his father. His father used to always tell him, "Russ, why not you?" when he was told he was too small, too short and lacked some of the tell tale signs we expect in Roman Gabriel sort of Football Players. For the younger set today... Tom Brady is 5 inches taller than Russell Wilson, but Russell Wilson is standing tall today! He believed in himself, he believed in his team....he played a perfect game; Seattle played a perfect game.

"“God is so good,” Wilson said after Seahawks 43, Broncos 8. “We believed we would get here. At the beginning of the season I told our guys, ‘Hey, why not us?’ ”
Then he talked about what his late father had always told him.
“He used to always tell me ‘Russ, why not you?’ And what that meant was believe in yourself, believe in the talent God has given you even though you are 5-foot-11, and you can go a long ways. That’s why I decided to play football, and I wanted to go against the odds a little bit.”" (qote from article in this link..)

Who was Russell Wilson's father?
He played football and baseball for Dartmouth at a time when few players of color played at Dartmouth. He died in June of 2012 unable to see his son win the Super Bowl...but as a good parent does he helped make him into the man who would one day win the Super Bowl. He taught him to believe in himself. Any child with a parent who does that... is way ahead of the game from play one.

Handsome man and a good father who died way too young.

Speaking of from play one...

Two moments in the game told me how this game was going and they were in fact Play 1 and Play 2. which led to the first score of the game in the first 15 seconds... a safety.

#1 ... overconfidence and ego makes someone think they can run the ball out of the End Zone against a top defense like Seattle. On the opening play Broncos were already down a negative 7 yards as they should have been starting at the 20 yard line... the run back fell short. Sign #1 that the Broncos were over confident and did not respect the defense that got Seattle to the Super Bowl.

#2... a bad snap... miscommunication between QB and the Center showed the football sailing so high above Peyton Manning's head that you could see the shock registering on his face and his eyes in disbelief.

It should have hit him there that moment that things were NOT going down the way many forecasters said they would and that Denver beating Seattle was not as easy as all the hype said it would be.

Take Drudge's morning photo that told the story early on... have said this before, love his mind... really. You don't have to agree with his politics to love his mind and his unique ability to play with photos the way no one else can... to convey a story.

If you look close you can see the whites of his eyes..........

I would say "who saw that coming" but a jeweler in Alabama is refunding 400 customers and getting national publicity for predicting it with a promo about a safety in the first 10 minutes. Shame Peyton Manning didn't see that one coming...

Jeff Dennis Jewelrs wrote Saturday on its Facebook page, "Any purchase of jewelry, Gift Cards, or payments made on layaway or special orders will be REFUNDED if there is a Safety (the 2 point kind of safety:) LOL) in tomorrows game between Denver and Seattle! The promo dates are 1/21 thru today!"
His pregame post was rather prophetic, "Alright. I say somebody just get a safety in the first 10 minutes and lets enjoy all the commercials after that!"
According to Dennis, more than $70,000 worth of merchandise will be refunded.

It was a great game... 

As for commercials ...Time Machine was great and made on a $300 budget by the winner of the Doritos Challenge and... girl and guy doing the yogurt commercial was cute.. Bud's horses always look good. 

And, ironies of Ironies is that Tim Tebow scored more points in this Super Bowl than his replacement did.

Yeah I am a Tebow fan. Not the biggest fan, but I respect him greatly and think it's pathetic that Denver let him go after taking them to the Playoffs for the charms of Peyton Manning. Takes time for a QB to make it in the NFL... takes time for a team to come together. Hey, it took Russell Wilson two years.. but I digress...there was no reason to let Tebow go. Playing football in the SEC is like playing in the's a hard division and he owned it despite all the criticism. The same criticism that Russell Wilson heard his whole life. 

Seattle  Seahawks were given a F in the Draft for taking Russell Wilson.

Yes... so much for all the people who didn't believe in Russell Wilson.

To be fair they probably nailed it with the Miami Dolphins picking Tannenhill ...though even I would have given that a C-

Doesn't take 5 interceptions or more in five games in a row to know you are in big trouble...add in one sack after another and yet the Dolphins played on...

Just shows you can't always believe the press reports or believe in what they have to say. Russell Wilson listened to his father. He believed in himself and a team that could figure out how to play together with him and obviously Pete Carroll believed in him. They are winners now.

As for Tebow it's a joke to say that man cannot play in the NFL. Denver traded him and the JETS barely played him as they can't get past their constant QB problems. They never really gave him a chance.

Yes, Tebow was controversial and a Christian. Doesn't bother me much and I'm Jewish. If you score points and make winning plays against all odds as far as I am concerned you can celebrate any way you want in the End Zone. I like Sherman too...

Football is an intense, passionate game. You can't take the passion out of the game.

As for ironies of ironies... Russell Wilson spent the morning quoting the bible on TV. And on Twitter where you can get a feel for people who love his morning bible quotes and hate them ...but even the haters admit that man get play football in the NFL.

Russell Wilson ‏@DangeRussWilson 
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7 NIV)

How does this connect to weather you may ask?

I've been concerned for a while that one of the biggest problems we have in weather forecasting these days is over reliance on the ever changing models. Let me explain that a bit... because I am very glad we have the  models. In the end a weather forecaster has to make a call...days out that cannot be changed every 6 or 12 hours depending on the new model runs. Many computer models predicted that Denver would beat Seattle in the Super Bowl. So much for computer models always being right.

A lot of people are just not that knowledgeable and on a busy day all they is listen to a sound bite. And, at times they accept too much too easy. That was seen in the chaotic response to the snow in Atlanta that was forecast to fall.

Let's say "Sue" is having a busy morning and she doesn't have time to check her App and Twitter Feed every few hours. She put on the news before going to bed the night before at 11 very old school like and the teaser for the 11 PM News is "Atlanta not expected to get much as the storm targets the Coast" so she either goes to bed and turns the TV off. She heard "not much, coast is getting it" and she believes...she accepts and doesn't expect that at 3 AM the NWS is going to change their forecast a bit and upgrade Atlanta to getting more than "not much" and goes by the 11 PM news teaser. She's a busy single mother and Johnnie threw up his cereal before breakfast was finished and Ronnie soiled his diaper again throwing her off by a good ten minutes to get the kids in the car to drop off the kids at Daycare and school and get to work. Timing is everything you know. Her boss is a real ..not nice person... and he told her she HAD to be on time for a big meeting. Once at work she finds out the boss got stuck in traffic and didn't show up for the meeting. Daycare calls and says Johnnie is running a fever and she needs to come pick him up. Daycare she finds out that they are canceling school and Ronnie is supposed to "shelter in place" and seeing as she didn't tell her 5 year old little boy "it's gonna snow later... momma will see u tomorrow after school" she jumps on the highway and races over to the school that is only 18 minutes away to get her baby like any normal parent would do and is stuck on the highway for the next 12 hours with a sick Johnnie trying to find someone, somewhere who knows her who will brave the snow to come rescue her on the highway. She leaves her car ...that is later towed away by some sleazy guy who is stealing abandoned cars and basically looting the highway.

Now.. Sue is really annoyed that she had the snow disaster of the a life time and her favorite weatherman on TV said it would be "not much" for Atlanta.

Happens...over and over again. Your college daughter is tweeting her best friends and not using the Weather App that you made her promise to download on her iPhone and unless her friends are studying meteorology she never saw that snow storm coming.

What the TV Met should have said was... "Atlanta will see snow tomorrow"

Had Bryan Norcross just read what the latest models said about Andrew no one would know who Bryan Norcross is today.

Weather people need to read the models, but at some point they need to make a call and be definitive about it. Because most people...........meaning not someone like me who is up at 2 am looking at models... most people don't check with the weatherman every 3 hours to see if they are going to change their forecast.

There is too much hype or too little hype. New York kept insisting the weather would be good for the game and kept downplaying reports of snow.

I sent both my daughters who live in NY warnings on a possible storm today. They listen to Momma.. well when it comes to weather anyway. Note the two morning messages I got on Facebook this morning from my daughter Dina.

Okay she may complain but she loves the view in Bayswater...

She did get snow... but she was not surprised and no one should have been surprised it was in the forecast.

Weather is complex and intense and often unpredictable like Football. You have to review a lot of statistics and at some point believe in yourself when you are making a forecast and it has to be easy to understand so that it can be communicated well....or people are surprised.

I was not surprised Seattle won. Even I didn't think they would win by that much, but not surprised.

I was not surprised it snowed in NY today, it was in the forecasts and meteorologists I trust like Larry said it would.

I was sadly surprised that one of my favorite actors who I've loved since he was in Leap of Faith and Twister died yesterday. He, like Russell Wilson's father, died way too young.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman, known first for standing out in character roles and for later winning an Oscar for playing Truman Capote died yesterday.

Sad...another sort of underdog ...not your classic actor but  one of the best.

Best Actress Reese Witherspoon (R) poses while holding her Oscar with Best Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman at the 78th Academy Awards.

Live your life... live your dreams, play your sport...speak the words as Shakespeare said... believe in yourself.

Enjoyed the game last night immensely for so many reasons... it was bittersweet knowing that a good man, a good actor died and is no longer with us. But... we will remember him always with a smile when we watch Twister.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Believe in yourself, perfect your craft and go for your dreams!


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