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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Political Storm Brewing in Georgia..

Short blog post here :) after the long ones I was posting. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. A political storm has been brewing all week over way the Southern Snow Storm was handled by those in power in both parties. Both have promised to review what happened and find solutions so that it does not happen again. Time will tell....

The Governor of Georgia and the Mayor of Atlanta have taken a real hit in the political cartoons from this weeks Snow Jam in Atlanta.

No they were not playing IN the snow... the Governor was actually introducing the Mayor at a dinner to collect his "Georgian of the Year Award" as the snow was beginning to fall. (YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP)

Note both the Mayor and Governor both love to TWEET... 

The Mayor was ready ...and going to pick up his award. The Governor who has since admitted he did not check the latest update on the snow that morning and was sorry... was obviously preoccupied with preparing for his date with the Mayor. 

Note the good thing here is this is a totally NON-PARTISAN news story! Nice to see both parties working together so well and having each other's back. The Mayor is a Democrat and the Governor is a Republican! We need more teams like this working together... somewhere I hear a Libertarian thinking on how to use this mess to their advantage...

To make matters worse NOW the Mayor is in trouble for using the Emergency Lane to get to TWC for an interview which may have blocked use of the lane for a while for people who might have had emergencies. Good news is...he is not in as much trouble as Governor Christie...

Note  Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw WALKED 6 MILES in the snow to perform a life saving brain surgery in Birmingham Alabama that had it's own Snow Jam but received less publicity than Atlanta which is the 9th largest metropolitan area in the US.   A story well worth reading. Amazing dedication!

"Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw had to travel from Birmingham's Brookwood Medical Center to Trinity Medical Center to perform the operation Tuesday, but a sudden snowstorm had snarled all traffic, with thousands of drivers getting stranded for hours. "

Imagine the Mayor could have walked part of the way as the traffic jam was just outside the TWC's offices.

To be fair.........the Governor has now apologized and taken full responsibility for the snow mess. He is also running for re-election.........  He has not named his weather sources who privately told him it wouldn't be so bad.. inquiring minds still want to know.. but moving forward.

Well there's good news for both the Mayor & the Governor... Winter is NOT over!

There's always tomorrow...several rain days there in the forecast where if the temps and timing work out could become flurries vs showers. Maybe they will get lucky and all they will have is February showers... Stay tuned... 

Weather... never ever totally predictable. Which is why we all love to talk about it. If it was boring we wouldn't be paying such close attention!

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Spoke to a friend in Atlanta on Friday. She said that if it even HINTS of flurries she is staying home and off the roads. May I remind you that the cost of buying bread, eggs, milk and your favorite beverage (coke or beer) and some extra toilet paper is way, way, WAY cheaper than what we Floridians spend on Hurricane Supplies every time some we are in the cone.. 


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