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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crazy Wild WXR in Carolina & East Coast as Cyclone IAN Dances Down Under...

Sometimes I like looking at weather from different perspectives. Currently the tightly wound up Low swirling it's way East moving in from the Pacific is one of the most beautiful features on the loops.

Why? For one it will be the next big Winter storm to work it's way towards the East Coast.

Today a long, strong frontal boundary was draped across the length of most of the Eastern Seaboard.

That front that raced East today towards the Atlantic brought an 86 MPH wind gust at RDU International Airport. Crazy, but true.

Another good link to see this progression of winter across our beautiful nation.

Nice.. winter is definitely upon us... though it will really feel that way if there is snow in my part of the world. Otherwise, it just feels cold, dreary and gray and I prefer snow falling from the sky if I am going to spend time Up North.

As for the tropics...

What's in a name? TWC tried to get us excited about Winter Storm ION which quickly became "POLAR VORTEX" rather than Ion...  seems when a storm has societal impacts society names the storm!!

In the Pacific............South Pacific Cyclone Ian is showing it's stuff on the satellite images.

Let's look at a larger image of our Earth Art :)
Big beautiful world out there...
Just goes to show you... there's tropical weather somewhere if you just look :)
Visible imagery of Cyclone Ian
Gorgeous :)
South Florida has to clean up from serious Winter flooding during the Dry Season...
Many parts of the East Coast are cleaning up from severe weather today...
I'm on strike from winter clothes and refuse to wear them the rest of the
it better not get too cold or I may be in big trouble...
I'm a Miami Girl and I need to feel the wind on my body...
the air on my skin
Today I stood outside watching a line of incredible storms move through..
no pictures... I don't take pictures on Shabbos.
but I watched...and enjoyed...and got wet before running inside
moments before the wild winds blew through...
Apartment building under construction blew down... apart...
Transformers came down.. people without power
wild weather
Brier Creek
Keep watching....
Sweet Tropical Dreams in January...
Besos Bobbi


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