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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 - Weather Wise What Will It Bring?

I don't know where you were last night, but I was at a friend's house at a New Year's Eve party enjoying good times with hopes and wishes for this coming year to be one of happiness, health and prosperity for all involved. And, as always...lot's of my favorite weather...a nice beach to enjoy it on and a continual stream of inspiration!

I'm probably not going to get snow in Raleigh... as always it seems to miss Raleigh one way or the other. A little bit towards the north up near the Virginia border.... over towards the West in Greensboro or in this case Down East towards the coast they may get some flakes. Go figure. So close and yet so far away...

Seems the Outer Banks could get some or maybe New Bern...go figure. 
You can always hope right?

Florida got lucky in 2013 as all the tropical weather in the Atlantic Basin made a bee line for Tampico..

Track Map

It was almost as if Florida had it's force field up as Dorian bounced away harmlessly...

And, that was the year that was in Hurricane History...

What will 2014 bring? Only time will tell...  

On Twitter some of my favorite friends are predicting a nasty start to 2014 across a good part of the USA.

Storm now off West Coast will bring brutal cold air to USA east of Rocky Mountains early next week; snow threats!

Storm now off West Coast will bring brutal cold air to USA east of Rocky Mountains early next week; snow threats!
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about 6 minutes ago
Storm now off West Coast will bring brutal cold air to USA east of Rocky Mountains early next week; snow threats!
I like Larry.. been friends with him for a long, long time.. a good weather guy who knows his stuff.

* * *

Joe Bastardi is hawking his Premium Package that is well worth the money if weather is the passion you spend your money on...  

Map will be put on tonight. Premium members get entire winter Discussion: A visit from the winter fairy in January, around 4 Map there

What I find interesting about my Twitter Feed and my friends online is how busy the Gulf of Mexico has been now that the Hurricane Season is over. Seriously. See the good graphics below:

  1. So when will Blizzard watch/warnings etc be issued for NYC through Southern New England.. even Coastal Jersey?
  2. The most impressive number in all three phases of the game is the 12-4 record:
  3. Curious why we're in an unsettled pattern? There's an old front north, and a new one out in the gulf heading our way-

And the beat goes on... as the Carolina Panthers Keep Pounding the weather crowd keeps posting graphics that get better and better. Got to say it's much better watching the weather via TWC on Twitter than it is on air these days.

  1. Winter Storm Warning issued for Syracuse, Binghamton & Wilkes-Barre Scranton 'til 10 AM Friday for
  2. Non-storm related: Next week still looks absolutely, ridiculously freezing for much of the Nation.
  3. This is my take on the storm for the region. YES, we will need to monitor this! I do not see anything more than a...
  4. Jefferson was drafted by the in the 7th round of the 2013 draft (219th overall) out of Rutgers.

If you are flying out of O Hare today... check your flight status because delays are piling up!

Travelling to Chicago today? Big delays heading into the airport. Ground stop until around 2:30pm...

As for me happy to be home and relaxing and not traveling anywhere. Reading up on the weather, reorganizing my office and just enjoying the ebb and flow of life. The clouds are moving in, tomorrow brings rain and some sources say Raleigh could have a record low of 10 degrees early Wednesday morning; a week away but either way that's cold weather... Seems I'll be checking nonstop for the next few weeks to see just how cold it is really going to get. Reminds me of the old Limbo games.."how low can you go" with this Arctic Air Mass.

And... Spaghetti Models gets better and better and staying on top of the ever changing weather with a great nod always to the Nascar Cities across the land.

And over on Facebook you can check us out and join the discussion...

We don't just talk tropical..we talk WEATHER...

As for me... as to what else happened in 2013? I finally became a real Carolina Panther's Fan! I've had a panther key for the front door for a while and been watching...season by season while still rooting for the Miami Dolphins, but this year really have to declare my love for the team as a whole. A team that is only growing and getting better every game.

Embedded image permalink

An weak hurricane season in the Atlantic was offset by a very active hurricane season in the Pacific.

Earthquakes happened. Twisters destroyed towns that had been destroyed before in Oklahoma and they will go on rebuilding.Watching that event unfold in real time had to be one of my most memorable events this year. Oddly, I remember watching the other Moore City Twisters in 1999 as I was online with friends probably on AOL who had relatives in the area.

This year's monster...  Good link to understand the weather in that region better.

And ..........lastly we all remember those who died this.

I was online friends with Carl.

The work they did was valuable beyond measure and the work goes on by others in the field today and every day. Somewhere out there on any given day we are gathering more information, taking video, exchanging information and learning more and more about how severe weather of all types be it tornadoes, hurricanes or blizzards. And, despite how people much people are afraid of events like hurricanes in truth every year more people die from heat waves and blizzards quietly without any film crew putting it on the Nightly News.   Hurricanes and Tornadoes are sexy... droughts are tedious and dangerous and when some city has a Heat Wave in the summer that drags on and on... people die quietly and barely make the news.

Weather is news. It is always happening somewhere, 24/7... 365 days a year. Sometimes you hear about it and sometimes you don't.

It's our job to write about it it..learn from it and keep passing that knowledge onto you the public.

And...that is what I'll be doing in 2014.

The answer to the question is 2014 will bring more weather stories.

Thank you for being here, for your feedback and for your often kind thoughts and prayers.

Besos Bobbi


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