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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

NY Slurpee Storm... Are You Dreaming on Spring? National Weather Person Day...

I was raised down south and out on Bird Road in Miami when Miami was somewhere between Southern and going Cuban.

Basically it means I like to run barefoot and don't like no layers and eat grits with my Cuban Coffee!

So, my way of dealing with the cold up north in North Carolina which is I may add called NORTH Carolina for a reason.... is to turn up the heat, take my socks off and paint my toe nails the perfect shade of pink! They say you can make your own reality so I am not staring outside the windows at the gray, wet day and turning up the volume on the radio and muting TWC on that is covering Winter Storm Nika.

Yes, in my house Nika is wearing "Perfect" pink from Victoria's Secrets and sipping Livanto Nespresso and listening to KDR Country.

Obviously my daughter is my daughter as she chose a lull in the storm to go out and get some coffee. She has also had enough. Unfortunately she is living up north and way "out there" on the water in Bayswater, New York. Fortunately she sent me the picture of the snowman up above after I sent her a Winter Storm Warning for this new winter storm. She's listening to Nash Country which is programmed into her car and pretty much the only station she listens to these days. Yes, New York City has gone Country for the first time in 16 years. She said, by the way, it's very "slushy" out there and so far like one big Slurpee. I could hear the sounds of her wheels going "slush, slush, grind, grind" mind you as she was pulling into the Dunkin Donut's parking lot :(  What do you expect from a child who used to sit out by the canal in thunderstorms in Miami??

Ironically when she rented the house out in Bayswater that had damage from Sandy she was only worried on how it would handle the hurricane season. Being a girl born in LA and raised on Miami Beach...she didn't think on how it would handle the Blizzards of 2014. She's home...safely after driving through the Slurpee Mess... everything is slushy and beginning to freeze over. Understand she has no kitchen currently as the pipes broke during the 1st Polar Vortex and it's all being redone... Umnnn.

TWC may be calling it Nika, but in New York they are calling it the Slurpee Storm of 2014! And, it's only getting slushier as the day goes on...

My daughter-in-law posted this status this morning... as the day progressed Twitter has gone Slurpee Crazy as people give their side of the story. Those in DC are complaining on the Ice..

"Brooklyn is a Huge Slurpee, snow flavored of course.... But there's no straws anywhere....."

Today's forecast: Cloudy with a chance of . This storm is brought to you by #711 new flavor . "Shovel it up"

Looks like one of those two color 7-11 Slurpees. Blue and Pink... Hmnnn

Brings up the Question Again...
Who names the storm? 
TWC or the people suffering the societal effects?

Slurpee Storm VS Nika??

Yes Virginia...New York is under yet another Winter Storm Warning... as is PA, MA and a large swath of the country today. Did I mention today is National Weatherperson's Day. No, I did not make that up..'s_Day

One of my favorite weather people has always been John Coleman who helped found TWC with the concept that there should be a channel that covered the weather 24/7. Sadly, they have gotten away from that with a "40% chance of reality TV" ... sad. I miss the old TWC. I miss John Coleman. That's John Coleman below on the right. I remember watching him on the morning news shows.... back in the Early 80s.

"Frank Batten Sr. with John Coleman, meteorologist for ABC’s “Good Morning America,’’ in 1981 before the launch of the live 24-hour weather channel on cable television. (Marty Lederhandler/Associated Press)"

Oh ...the 1980s......and Dr. George on KTLA teaching me all about California weather and especially Comma Clouds and the Pineapple Express.

LA in the 80s... oh what a place to be  . . .

Back to 2014.... the snow is here to stay this February. Sorry Ohio... and Pennsylvania and all the states north of the Mason Dixie Line.

The South is getting some... but not that much, unless things change. There was a chance of snow in the forecast for NC...but then they took it out. Often, what they take out of the forecast goes back into the forecast in real time as weather is very fluid ...the greatest reality show on Earth. Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee will be getting some of the snow. Then again, they get snow a lot as they are not exactly the DEEP SOUTH and the Texas Panhandle all the way north though the Oklahoma Panhandle will be a mess. The Florida Panhandle is safe this time. Perhaps this is the South's revenge for all the jokes about how badly we take snow down here..

Either way... make your own reality today if you are hunkered down somewhere up north. Listen to Jimmy Buffett.. make some hot dogs and baked beans and pretend you are having a summer BBQ; eat some watermelon if you can find some.

Winter will depart us eventually it's only a matter of time. Shlepping out that poor Groundhog to put on a show should have been banned by PETA as cruel and unusual punishment and totally unnecessary as you didn't need no groundhog to tell you that winter isn't going anywhere, any time soon.

And then it will give way to Spring Weather which will bring Spring Floods and possibly a mean Tornado Season. When you have that much snow... it has to melt. And, when you have stubborn cold front's mixing with warm weather flowing north from the Gulf you get Twisters out on the Plains and across the South.

For now I'd really appreciate it if my kids in New York would pay attention to the warnings .. sigh. My daughter said it's the heaviest snow she has ever seen. Layers of ice and slush and snow.

A picture from White Plains, NY where my other daughter was supposed to drive to work.. but work was cancelled.

Mass State Police posted this on Twitter.

Embedded image permalink

DC has ICE

What's your weather today? Where ever you live... some weather person worked hard to bring you the forecast and it's up to you to pay attention and listen up. They do their job, we need to do ours and prepare accordingly.

And, on a personal note.. I'm really not thrilled that Victoria's Secret lost my order when it got "lost" in Atlanta during the snow jam there. If someone stole that truck on the highway.. I would really like my order back ... They lost the pretty, pale blue sweater :(   Honest... you can't make this stuff up.  The lady was very nice... they traced it to Atlanta and then they lost it.. no words.

Company Logo

Enter your Tracking Number below and click Track to continue.
Due to inclement weather conditions, you may experience slight shipping delays.

Hey...who needs another sweater anyway? I'm already so over this winter so going to just order something nice and warm and spring like for my trip to New Orleans and or my next trip home to Miami. There's got to be some place warmer... there's gotta be something more warm ;)

And, it would seem to me that the number of Insurance Claims from this Winter may reach all time highs as Ice Storms bring down trees and floods well... and tornadoes in Spring. The cost of this crazy winter of 2014 may reach all time highs when the bills finally come in...

In Louisiana alone the bill has hit over 5 million... that's a lot of zeros.

Food shortages, winter supply shortages... loss of pay checks from cancelled work days, etc, etc.


Weather affects everything from the roof on your house to the money in your wallet after you go shopping for food and find out that the price of produce is way through the roof.

So...have you thanked your favorite weather person today for keeping you informed on the storm? I'm going to thank Phil Ferro from WSVN as he is my favorite On Air Weather Person in Miami and Ken Kaye from the Sun-Sentinel for his always excellent coverage of the weather!

"Phil Ferro is the Chief Meteorologist at WSVN. Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Phil has covered South Florida weather and hurricanes for over a decade beginning in 1995, when he was the lead forecaster at the local Telemundo affiliate. He holds both National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society Seals of Approval. He’s a member of the AMS standing panel of Spanish-language evaluators of the Board of Broadcast meteorology by the AMS commission of Professional affairs. He’s also on the NWA board and has been awarded professional development hours from the National Hurricane Center each year since 1995. - See more at:"

Ken Kaye is a veteran journalist, having worked more than 30 years as a reporter, editor and columnist. For the past 10 years, he has covered tropical weather, including the tumultuous 2004 and 2005 hurricane,0,2738707.story

Besos Bobbi



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