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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Les Miz... Ukrainian Revolt. Weather & Politics. Sochi Ukraine - World's Apart History Being Made Today.. every day..

History is being made today in the world of News, Weather and Sports. Pick your priorities.. pick your sports and pick the news you wish to watch. And, if you wonder how weather is affecting it... imagine this going on if there was an Ice Storm or a Blizzard in Kiev right now? Weather seems to be on the side of the Ukrainians right now...  it's been a pain in the side for those running the Sochi Olympics... It was colder a few times last week in Raleigh NC and Augusta GA than it was in Sochi.

Bill Reh a good weatherman posted this earlier today... 
Seems Putin is having problems, not a happy camper.
The Russians lost in hockey.
He's got bigger problems on his mind than just the hockey team
but...for people who love to watch the Winter Olympics
Russian Hockey Team is big... 
..he would have preferred they won in Sochi..

Al Roker is posing with Olympians..

Personally I would prefer he interview the Ukrainians who were forbidden 
to wear arm bands today ...their request was denied.
Perhaps the IOC took note how Putin handled the dog issues in Sochi..

IOC bans Ukraine's athletes from wearing black armbands at Sochi

Request from national team to mark violent loss of life in Kiev denied due to ban on political protests at GamesThe International Olympic Committee has banned Ukrainian competitors in the Sochi winter games from wearing black armbands to commemorate the deaths of protesters and police in Kiev.The country's Olympic association said in a statement that it had asked the IOC if its competitors could mark the "deep pain over the loss of fellow countrymen" by wearing black armbands. "The answer was received from the IOC that in accordance with the...
Published By: Daily Mail News - Today

One of my degrees is in International Relations Russian Studies.. so you'll forgive me if I go a little political today. This is history being made and yet it is being ignored in America as CNN tries to boast ratings talking on Zimmerman and FOX is still talking Obamacare. Why? Simple. Much like the Mayor's Office of NY trying to save up his snow days for "real snow" events, CNN and Fox are waiting for "really good footage" in case Putin sends in the tanks.

Old Russian Style of Politics. Let them wait around in the snow.. in the night... demonstrate, get tired, get hungry and do what they did to Hungarians in 1956 who thought briefly they had won the rebellion. And then......they sent in the tanks.

I'm hoping things have changed today in 2014 ... but the Russian mentality of dictator like leaders (Putin) has not changed very much. And, he's not in a good mood... Olympics were supposed to show off the sexy, beautiful resort of Sochi. It has not really been a good promo.. from shooting the dogs (rather than round them up) to hotel rooms that were not ready for events that had less than stellar conditions for the world's best athletes.  (getting more play than the sporting events ...) it has more members than the official Olympic site..

I find it odd that people spend a fortune to buy tickets for good seats to Les Miz... yet a real life drama is playing out live online... and no one is watching.

Free online history is being made... sometimes speeches, sometimes music
sometimes crowd scenes at night..sometimes close up looks at real life

For anyone who ever went to see Les Miz... why would you not follow Ukrainian Revolt LIVE?

Sorry for the movements... and yes that's me watching..on my computer
Ukrainian Live with the music of Les Miz in the background.. 
does it look familiar?

Why should you care? Why shouldn't you care? Why wouldn't you care?

Ukraine is roughly the size economically of Peru... what goes on in the Ukraine affects the world as economies are linked together these days so that what affects the EU affects the US stock market, etc.... 

Ukraine IS the Russian Bread Basket and most energy pipe lines run through Ukraine.

Yet.......most of the Ukraine is historically an Euro-Russian entity .. a place that straddles the Western Edge of the Soviet Union and yet is European and wishes to align itself with Europe.. EU, etc...  

Let's look at a map.

The Ukraine is FAR from Siberia and the rest of Europe... far from Sochi as the crow flies.

Underneath the word Europe ...below is the Ukraine.. 
Now do you get it?

Weather...USSR AKA CCCP AKA Russia...
does not have good weather and historically their Midwest Breadbasket was..
the Ukraine..

Look at the IMMENSE size of Russia... CCCP.. in orange... 
look at how small Ukraine over under Europe is..

some history links for those who like to read:

Les Miserables...

Ukraine... 2014

Weather = You can't grow wheat in the Siberia...
Geography = All roads from much of Europe run through Kiev to Moscow.

I have the most respect for athletes who worked much of their lives to go to the Olympics.

I have very little respect left for either FOX or CNN as neither cannot get forget their talking points and cover breaking news... note President Obama will speak soon... they will soon cover it more.
Joe Biden spoke to the Ukrainian President yesterday... it didn't go well.

We all have priorities. Today, while waiting for the next onset of the Polar Vortex to invade my Southern World, I am watching history being made and the end of the story is not yet known. It is playing out in REAL LIFE... a REAL REALITY TV SHOW.. and down there in the crowd of people who are risking their lives are thousands of different dramas... 

For the musical crowd... there's video of members of Pussy Riot trying to perform at the Olympics (permission also denied..) and being whipped and beaten. Sochi ..a great place to visit...if you are a tourist with lots of money to spend..not if you want to voice your thoughts against the government.

You'll have to watch the video in the link to see them beaten and chased away. My brother in Greece follows and writes about this is for him.

I am personally so glad to live in America. Personally think the people of the Ukraine should be able to decide their own fate. Putin...already in a nasty mood doesn't agree..

Les Miz always makes me nervous. Maybe some past life experience? I get chills when I watch ... since the very first time... go figure. Soon the weather will be giving me chills again ... 

This gives me chills...wild ones.

It should give you all chills. It's history in the making.. it's music... it's drama and it's happening live.

The world is watching.. are you ?

Besos Bobbi

Ps.... Similar drama going on in Venezuela... the Post Chavez Years...


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