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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Raleigh Covered in Thin Layer of Ice.. &v the Storm Continues..

Look at that storm go... from severe weather in South Florida to ice and snow across the South to another bout of winter up north.. massive in size and the dollar amount when all is said and done for "PAX" is going to be very high...............

As for the traffic in Down South... seems people up north also insist on driving when they beg you to stay off the roads in a Winter Storm.

"ABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News
2 hours ago
If you need a reason to stay off the roads, check out this photo from an Eyewitness News - a flipped car on New York Avenue in Huntington, Long Island. The viewer writes that the driver lost control of the car, hit telephone pole and flipped over. The driver was okay, just shaken up. #abc7NYsnow"

Why do people insist on thinking they will be "FINE" ... or there is enough time to get that bottle of milk they didn't  pick up the 3 days before when the storm was being hyped all over the news and social media.

Then again why don't my kids have weather apps on their phones? Okay, some of them.. my daughter calls last night because she wants to run out fast to the 5 Towns... (from Brooklyn) ..and there's no clouds in the sky anywhere to find out if the storm is really going to hit NY. Yes... radar showed it just around Staten Island and I know she was in the car halfway there probably when she called..

I asked why she doesn't have a Weather App and Shayna's response was "I do it's called "Fricking Call Mommy at 919-"  no words.

Of course my youngest daughter doesn't have one either.. she asked why she needs one if she has me? Luckily some weather involved friend of hers put a Wunderground app on her iPhone. No words.

So yes in Raleigh we are fine... barely anyone on the roads and the fuss about the traffic was about 2 or 3 hours created by places who cancelled work at Noon when the first flakes fell and people who just HAD to go out to North Hills or Crabtree Mall to get Starbucks and walk around.  This is the 3rd time Raleigh was threatened with early snowfall, school was cancelled and both times previously it began to snow at nightfall. Everyone thinks each new storm will be like the last (like with hurricanes) so when it actually snowed at Noon people were in shock...   1 in shock because the snow came down fast and 2 in shock because Raleigh never has traffic. It's not that people just don't know how to drive in Raleigh in snow.. they don't know how to drive in bumper to bumper traffic unlike in Atlanta or Miami. And, 3... we have hills.. big ones and the hill by Angus Barn is steep and thinking everyone poured out of the restaurant where they have several bars and onto Glenwood at once...

Today... quiet streets.

Photo: Barely a car on the road...lo

Yeah.. morning rush hour traffic... NOT.

Yes, was messy getting home for people yesterday and some left their cars on the sides of the road as again we have hills and it turned icy fast and no one has snow tires... chains... or knows how to drive up a hill in the ice and snow... especially all those transplanted Floridians who were told "it doesn't really snow in Raleigh"

Enjoying the quiet before the next bout of snow begins to fall onto the icy covered streets. We have just under a quarter of an inch of ice so only small limbs seem to be having problems. A nice sized branch fell from a tall loblolly pine tree into a neighbors backyard. Not big.. but big enough to catch my attention. Chunks of ice falling off the neighbor's roof sounded eerie in the early morning light.

We do love our pine trees.. well some of us do..  (great magazine, very good writing and incredible photography always)

I went to bed with a hint of ice on the Pear Trees...
I was woken by a phone call from my daughter asking if it was safe to drive to Long Island before the storm and another child asking me "what hospital was I born in?"  ... eventually I fell asleep.

Woke up early to the site of branches on the Willow Tree illuminated by street 

Slowly the sun came up and we saw the real extent of the ice..

Hydrangea bushes with ice... 

I went out onto the deck in high boots to clear a layer of ice off of the bird feeder because
the cardinals looked really upset when they couldn't get any...

My husband ventured out in his bright red sweater to get his morning paper that was delivered around 10AM... it's really pretty out there... from inside here :)

I'm inside looking out thru the window this morning...

From the front steps...

Displaying WP_20140213_053.jpg

What I'm staring at in the I write this blog..

Last but not least...the dogwood.

If there was one thing that pulled at my heart strings up here when debating to make the move..
it was the dogwood tree. First time I came it was in bloom, hanging near the deck.. so special.

It's hanging lower but there... love it.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 
Dogwood is one of the most beautiful trees I've ever seen.. 
especially in the Spring.. 
and Spring will come eventually...

Up in NY in Bayswater my daughter posted this looking out through her window..
...the daughter who DOES follow the weather 

Will be back later with more information and thoughts but for now.. this is where I'm at..
enjoying the view.. enjoying having electric
worried on friends in GA that do not.. and talking to my family and friends online.

This is supposedly moving into the Triangle area in a little while..  well it's raining now, sleet should move in soon.

We had just under a 1/4 inch of Ice... 4 inches of snow with sleet on top and it's far from over. Everyone was told to hunker down and stay where you are until Friday morning...and that is what I'm doing :)

Besos Bobbi


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