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Friday, February 21, 2014

Tornado Watches - Seneca - Winter Weather & Jimmy Kimmel Cries Wolf.. Pray for Ukraine.

I woke up this morning to the news on CNN that 30 Million People are being threatened by Severe Weather today that TWC says the name of the storm is SENECA. I do think they are beginning to see people are not into the names... it's not even on their main page anymore. Hmnnn.

Going to start off with a song today, because it's the truth. God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.  (click on it, enjoy)

The reason 30 million people are "under the gun" is because the cold front is moving East towards the East Coast where there is a large population and as it has gone almost vertical the front stretches from Florida NNE up through New England. It's called "winter" for those of you who have forgotten this happens every year in February.

It's not Hurricane Season... it's Winter.

See... low forms down in the GOM ...rides the front, fuels it with tropical moisture which shoots up into the Carolinas (the reason the Smoky Mtns are blue by the way... ) and then exits stage right.

On Facebook people are posting pictures of snow.. in Minnesota. It's Minnesota. I feel like Sam Kinison here and want to scream without the curse words.. "It's Winter"

I heard a lady being interviewed on CNN who said... in her 47 years she has never seen a winter like this. I would like to ask her if she was living in LA in 1977 and 1978 or Hawaii in 1993 because I am pretty sure I have seen winters like this before.

It's a bad winter. How weak is our memory guys?

4 years ago... FOUR... we had a winter from hell and it snowed in New York nonstop all the way through March... 4 years ago... How short of a memory do we have here gang? I went to NY for the Jewish Holiday of Purim which is usually a spring time sort of holiday and I wore more layers than I wore to Maine in January a year or two earlier. It was freezing. This was Brooklyn 2010 NOT Siberia or the Ukraine.

Everyone forgot that viral video... there are many of them. Type in 2010 snow plow ...
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

There are better videos, but most have really bad curse words so... just posting this short one to get the point across.

You know who is under the gun? Millions of people who live in the Ukraine in the year 2014, because Putin does not want to let his people go...  News Flash to Putin..they are not your people they are Ukrainians. And ... why are people crazy? I heard a lady on CNN on a panel explain how this is silly and there wasn't a place called the Ukraine before a few years ago. She obviously does not have relatives ...distant ones...who were born there nor does she know much about European History. Ukraine has been on the maps a long, long time. How did she become an expert with stupid, clueless comments like that??

I called this image on my computer "stupidlady"

She obviously was not in my AP European History Class in High School... 

Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth[edit]

Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  Kingdom of Poland
After the Union of Lublin in 1569 and the formation of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Ukraine fell under Polish administration, becoming part of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. The period immediately following the creation of the Commonwealth saw a huge revitalisation in colonisation efforts. Many new cities and villages were founded.
New schools spread the ideas of the Renaissance; Polish peasants arrived in great numbers and quickly became mixed with the local population; during this time, most of Ukrainian nobles became polonised and converted to Catholicism, and while most Ruthenian-speaking peasants remained within the Eastern Orthodox Church, social tension rose.
Ruthenian peasants (Ukrainians and some from other nations) who fled efforts to force them into serfdom came to be known as Cossacks and earned a reputation for their fierce martial spirit. Some Cossacks were hired by the Commonwealth (became 'register Cossacks') as soldiers to protect the southeastern borders of Poland from Tatars or took part in campaigns abroad (like Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachny in the battle of Khotyn 1621). Cossack units were also active in wars between the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and Tsardom of Russia.

Cossack era[edit]

The Hetmanate in 1654 (against the backdrop of contemporary Ukraine)
The 1648 Ukrainian Cossack (Kozak) rebellion and war of independence (Khmelnytsky Uprising), which started an era known as the Ruin (in Polish history as The Deluge), undermined the foundations and stability of the Commonwealth. The nascent Cossack state, the Cossack Hetmanate,[22]usually viewed as precursor of Ukraine,[22] found itself in a three-sided military and diplomatic rivalry with the Ottoman Turks, who controlled the Tatars to the south, the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania, and the rising Russia to the East.
The reconstituted Ukrainian state, having recently fought a bitter war with Poland, sought a treaty of protection with Russia in 1654.[22] 

Yes.... remember when you learned about Colonial Empires? Russia is STILL a Colonial Empire and doesn't want to give up he land it grabbed and maintained after World World 2 ..because simply put they were on the winning side.

This is not about the last fight of the Cold War as much as dealing with what we did after 2 World Wars were over when places like Yugoslavia were put on a map. Ever hear that phrase to the victors go the spoils? Post WW1.

"The Treaty of Rapallo was a treaty between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (renamed Yugoslavia in 1929), signed to solve the dispute over some territories in the former Austrian Littoral in the upper Adriatic, and in Dalmatia.
The treaty was signed on 12 November 1920[1] in Rapallo, near GenoaItaly. Tension between Italy and Yugoslavia arose at the end of World War I, when theAustro-Hungarian Empire dissolved and Italy claimed the territories assigned to it by the secret London Pact of 1915. According to the pact, signed in London on 26 April 1915 by the Kingdom of Italy and Triple Entente, in case of victory at the end of World War I, Italy was to obtain several territorial gains including formerAustrian Littoral, Northern Dalmatia and notably Zadar (Zara), Šibenik (Sebenico), and most of the Dalmatian islands (except Krk and Rab).
These territories had an ethnically mixed population, with Slovenes and Croats composing over the half of the population of the region. The pact was therefore nullified with the Treaty of Versailles under pressure of President Woodrow Wilson, making void Italian claims on Northern Dalmatia. The objective of the Treaty of Rapallo was to find a compromise following the void created by the non-application of the London pact of 1915."

You want a really long read ...try this one.

Point is after WW2 the still Colonial minded country of Russia grabbed a lot of Europe.. made them satellite countries and one by one they have tried to break away. The Hungarian Empire was around a lot longer than the satellite state of Hungary in the greater Mother Russia. Trying to keep this simple.

We ARE dealing with WINTER and it's one of those winters that won't go away. Like a bad house guest it has ruined our towels, broken furniture, eaten us out of everything in the pantry and broken our favorite china... it will leave when it wants to and then ...we will have a horrible Spring with melting snow enhanced rivers and Spring Floods followed by a possible El Nino.

That's the reality and if you live in Ohio or Minnesota or even Bayswater New York... sorry. I'm sorry and I live in North Carolina.. beginning to see the light here. Then again... despite my window being open we are now under a Tornado Watch.

Last comment on that... this line of storms has been a massive over achiever like the winter storm Pax so .... even though the NWS didn't stress the possibility of Twisters (tho it was in the discussion) they had a wild day yesterday from Illinois to Mississippi. Today it's our turn on the East Coast where ... a lot of people live.

Why am I so into the Ukraine Revolt?
I am a big believer in DEMOCRACY.
I studied Russian Studies and received awards and a degree in International Relations from FIU.
Most American Jews have at least 1 or 2 Great-Grandparents from somewhere in the "Ukraine"
I've known a lot of Ukrainians in Miami... who escaped both Catholic and Jewish... I feel for them.
I don't like Putin. It's a toss up who I dislike more.. Putin or Castro.
People around the world are praying for them.. like this man at the Wailing Wall in Israel ...

We should pray for them.. WE in AMERICA should never have to know what it is like to fight for our own freedom that way ...

Back to the weather... Phil Ferro from WSVN put this up on his blog. If I survive the tornadoes and severe weather of Seneca I'll have to worry on the Viking predictions on the end of the world...  Say it ain't so before Mardis Gras??

Phil has this up on his blog so posting it here. Seems the Vikings (who are extinct along with the Mayans...) predicted the end of the world for this weekend. Shame..was planning on going to the Ocean.

Oh and to add to the hoax list... Jimmy Kimmel wins the Gold for the "Wolf in my hall" and his crying wolf video online that went viral. Love it... he's got a great mind, he'll do fine there ... enjoying him immensely.

He's laughing all the way to the bank and high ratings. Guess his initials were prophetic.. JK for Just Kidding.

Beer is Great...God is Good...and People are crazy.

Besos Bobbi


Under the gun here in NC but praying for the people in the Ukraine... what can you say about a country that the President tried getting his money and his family out fast while his people were risking their lives for freedom. Guess he's not such a communist either...


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