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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gone Fishing AT Myrtle Beach... Can't Wait to go to New Orleans..

Okay I am AWOL at 

Someone asked me where I wanted to go yesterday.. what I wanted to do..

I just wanted to go somewhere warm.......and hear the ocean and wake up to a sunrise .. even if I had to put on a sweater to watch the sunrise. Actually, typing from bed watching the sun glittering on the surf and trying to psyche myself up for a walk on the beach in a jacket :)  Blessedly, the sun shined on Myrtle Beach yesterday and I was able to enjoy short sleeves and a short skirt and sandals! The sun was almost too warm.. but not going to complain. Going back to Raleigh and cold weather setting in again. Polar Vortex Round 457 this Winter of 2014 that doesn't want to end.

So...we went to Myrtle Beach I could watch the sunrise...and I did :)

If I blur my eyes....... I can almost pretend this is MB for Miami Beach not MB for Myrtle Beach
but.....hey it was warm enough to get rid of the layers and enjoy the day..

And, with all this traveling it makes me even more excited about going to New Orleans to speak at this conference. Okay, I'm excited to be going to New Orleans :) and on a Riverboat! And, I get to talk about hurricanes... meet new people, see a place I haven't been in a long while.

Mariposa 2014 Catastrophe Claims Conference

As much as I am looking forward to speaking ON a riverboat I'm looking forward to listening in on some programs that are not on my expertise... specifically Twisters vs Hurricanes..

Wow... Moore Tornado makes most hurricanes look like a trip to a wet, tropical theme park.

EFI Global
ClaimsCourse Length: 1 hour
Adjuster CE awarded in: Fl & TX (Pending)
Evaluation of Slab-on-Grade Foundations for Re-construction
Class description:  
In the wake if the Moore, OK tornado in 2013 homeowners, and their insurance
companies, began the process of rebuilding. To expedite construction the question was posed to the City of Moore, ‘Can the existing foundation system be used when re-building the residence?’. The answer was yes provided that an evaluation conducted by a licensed professional engineer showed that the foundation system met the current Building Code requirements. This presentation will illustrate the evaluation process and relevant code considerations.

A lot of interesting seminars. 

Last night I was walking around Broadway on the Beach here and saw this building and smiled. Made me realize New Orleans is a month away..

Hey had to walk off the 5 o'clock Somewhere drink I drank...somewhere... and for dessert I went out of the box and asked if I could have a shot of rum and a scoop of ice cream. The waiter told me I could order the ice cream off the kid's menu...and I did. Hey I love sitting there listening to Jimmy Buffett and watching him on the big screen but I am NOT eating Key Lime Pie outside of Key West... even the waitress said it's not the same. So...sometimes you just have to be creative. Cheese bites unreal.. anyway...

Been a long, long winter. Back when I said "yes" to Nola I thought ..Oh it's late March not winter. Now I'm wondering when winter will end.

Going for a walk... watched the sunrise here...

That's me...out of the box and loving being by the water.... ocean...river...sea... 

Sound of the crashing, pounding surf... the sound of the sea gulls... love it so much...

Besos Bobbi


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