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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Juy 4th Forecast...Retrograding High Pressure Beginning to Move towards the West..

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

The High Pressure in the Atlantic is T R Y I N G to move west and reclaim parts of the coastal United States. Think of it as a game of RISK and the trough doesn't want to capitulate. Hopefully for those people in the Outer Banks... West Palm Beach, FLL (Hollywood Beach) and other areas that jut out to the East more MAY get a break for the 4th of July.

Watch the dark color pushing west towards the coastline trying to give us a chance for beach and fireworks this weekend...  IF anything in the Gulf forms it could suck in the moisture, but that is a real long shot.
If I was going to travel the lure of Myrtle Beach or Tybee Island would call me...

There is a mercury retrograde going on... it can be seen by the retrograding high and inability for me to edit my last post and a need to get my eyes checked again next week for a better prescription for new glasses. Retrogrades are good to RE do anything. And a look back at some of the analog seasons when we had similar patterns would be worth while... or fun to do if you are lying in the sun this week on a beach enjoying the 4th of July.  I'll update my final chance for viewing later...but at least there is no huge Hurricane bearing down on the coast...any coast nearby this coming weekend.

Myrtle Beach:
Myrtle Beach Fireworks

Or Miami Beach:

Meanwhile... the mercury retrograde goes on and on and my asthma is a bit off from all of the rain so am home trying to watch TV...

So find a spot to watch the fireworks or do what my sister-in-law does and she watches on TV the Boston Pops...

This is what my TV looks like...trying to watch CNN... the Tropical Update on TWC was worse. Sometimes I think Mercury Retrogrades are God's way of telling us to go off the computer, turn the TV off...go for a walk, take a to the beach... go outside and take a nap in the hammock...go shopping.... don't worry.. be will be okay when you get back usually.


As for the trough... there's the trough in purple and blue.. the blue is new.

To quote a song from childhood... Rain Rain Go Away... Come Again Another Day.. Maybe in September?

Wish I was in Seattle with my son :(

Besos Bobbi


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