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Friday, June 28, 2013

Ignore the Obvious & Don't Watch TWC IF You Want to Watch the Weather...

So the guy on TV is making some sort of Cajun chicken recipe, but all I saw was shrimp. Mind you I am generally kosher and it shouldn't be the first thing to come to mind... but it did. Hey.. I got the creole part right. One of the joys of living in NC is the ability to watch the local weather every 10 minutes :) If I spend the rest of my life going back and forth between Miami and NC it may be in the end because of this unique enjoyment. And, if you mute it and you miss it... it's on again in TEN minutes :)  While TWC is going on and on and on doing live updates at water parks (advertising money) and showing how to grill in the back yard (advertising money) and places to go to get away from the hot weather (more advertising money) I can watch real, live weather news every ten minutes on the local Cable News Channel. Oh...and when there is weather breaking... a strong line coming in nearby its ON TV vs camping shows (more advertising dollars) or 20 Ways the World Will End (scaring the daylights out of you and sure there is some advertising value there too.. ever notice they sell A LOT of "weather equipment" that is really top of the wish list items for people worrying about the end of the world by Nuclear War, Volcanoes going POW in the night causing great tidal waves or an energy wave that will ripple through the universe taking away many of our loved ones and our favorite toys that need cable towers and electricity...    Buy your big ass generator NOW and while you are at it...stockpile a whole load of gas cause seems we are going to get a nuclear winter from that solar energy blast and no more wifi for the next year or two .. possibly a decade.

What is it TWC is selling these days? It's certainly not the weather.  They have to decide whether to follow tornadoes in future Tornado Hunt seasons (it's called a Storm Chase silly people in Atlanta...not a HUNT) and between interesting history episodes on Napoleon or 50 ways to end the world as we know it... I'm confused.

Yes, obviously I do watch TWC sometimes... not like I used to. And, I have to admit I like Carl Parker. He does an extremely adequate job of explaining the weather that is somewhere above "dumming it down" and getting "too technical" and he is worth watching every hour when he does the update.  A calm, rational voice of reason when discussing the tropics.

When it comes to severe breaking weather no one is as good as Greg Forbes.  He is one of the best they have had in a long time. Reminds me I think of one of my best friends actually, anyway... he is good. It's the only Forbes Report I'm interested it!

Other wise these days I watch TWC for fashion ideas. They finally moved their women out of boring clothes and they do a pretty good job working the maps ... when they get a chance between taped, repeating episodes of old weather stories made over as if they are live events and trying to scare the living daylights out of most of their viewers who are already usually scared of breaking weather and fast moving derechos.

Yes, there was a time I would do anything to watch TWC... no longer. Now I watch my APPS when I want breaking news and I prefer my Accuweather APP to my TWC APP. And, now I'm remarried and living in Carolina where I can watch weather updates live on TV every ten minutes should I want to...

What do you want every ten minutes? I wonder...

There are times I'd be thrilled if there was a Sports News Hightlights that repeated every half an hour and I could watch NFL news every ten minutes and HEAT news every ten minutes.. now would that be cool or what? Throw in some seasonal NASCAR highlights and basball news (preferably Red Sox info)...

I want CNN to not be soo left wing liberal and I want FOX not to be so right wing and I am tired of a polar world where every news story is filtered through the lens of what they believe their viewers to be. In honesty I do watch FOX more than CNN but that is more based on their stories when I put them on and occasionally I watch MSNBC which I have to admit I forget is there and am still unhappy with the NBC take over of TWC so two strikes against that channel.

And, when I want real tropical news I go online... I read fellow bloggers and message boards and people I trust. I go to and get the fastest updates and a grid of spectacular sites and I browse around to my old time favorites like and and a few new ones like Tropical Tidbits and oh........the obvious which I often have to ignore such as the NHC as they show the bottom line. And, the bottom line is ....

TC Activity

Seriously... I knew that... talk on the obvious.

And, being a Miami girl... I watch online when away and online when there and on the TV when I have the time.

And, I listen to Phil Ferro who is a doll and has become a nice online friend. Smart, good man.. does weather and other interesting events that us weather watches love very well!

He does a good job... some bio facts on him most people don't know.

"Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Phil has covered South Florida weather and hurricanes for over a decade. He started back in 1995, when he was the lead forecaster at the local Telemundo affiliate, providing the latest storm information to South Florida's Spanish speaking community.
Education is Phil's passion. He cares about teaching weather to young minds and helping teachers pass along the wonders of science and meteorology to their students.
Phil has received 2 Emmy nominations for previous Hurricane specials. He holds both National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society Seals of Approval. He is a member of the AMS standing panel of Spanish-language evaluators of the Board of Broadcast meteorology by the AMS commission of Professional affairs. He is also on the NWA board and has been awarded professional development hours from the National Hurricane Center each year since 1995.

Read more:"

So, sharing these important facts with my friends here online.. When I want weather I watch the Weather on the Ones while in Carolina. I get breaking update emails complete with pictures from my local and not so local friends. I said "local" not "loco" :) and my brother messages me or Facebooks me the moment it clouds up in Miami... I read what Mike has to say on our own Tropical Update and if there is really something in the tropics I see what Ed has to say who has been doing "Hurricanes Without the Hype" Since 1995 or the year my life went snap, crackle and pop online!

And, when there is nothing to do I'm picking up new teas... talking tropical fantasy vacations with my friend online to far away places like St. Baths and might lie down and reread again

Front Cover

An incredible book on so many levels.. in ways it changed my life, that's for me to understand and you to figure out I suppose.

Oh and I ordered a lot of these in different colors to sit at home and write in while covering real tropical weather when there are real named storms on the NHC website.

(which is what I am wearing right now with a long gauzy maxi-skirt)

And...................that is all the news that is fit to print ;) while I am on Day 3 of my Staycation ...

Day 1... Mexican Drinks and Wild Weather Surprises.
Day 2... Skirt Steaks on the new BBQ and a delightful day and night hanging out.
Day 3... What will today bring?

Things I love:

Coffee Kisses... not the calorie kind.

Nespresso in the morning:

Lunchtime maybe a special tea...

Caribbean Calypso Mate Tea
Caribbean Calypso Mate ....  a family favorite!

So, on days like this ignore the obvious and play it by ear and enjoy the day...  you can sit around watching 20 ways the world will end on TWC or you can kick back and do whatever you want to do if you got the time and if not close your eyes and fantasize!

Besos Bobbi <--- click="" come="" know="" nbsp="" on="" p="" to...="" want="" you="">


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