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Friday, June 21, 2013

TROPICS & Lessons Learned From the MIAMI HEAT Victory ... Thoughts on Team Work

First let's look at the tropics... because that is why we are here:

The above picture highlights where we may have tropical development and the chances for that development!

The picture above shows us where the MJO is and where there is moderate to high confidence of tropical cyclone formation.

Now we look at the models:

The GFS model shows TWO not one storms in the Eastern Pacific AKA Epac...exactly where the first two images show an area could form.

Now we look at the satellite imagery...where there is moisture there are possibilities and there is moisture gathering there and where there is smoke there is fire and this area in the Pacific may just ignite into tropical systems.  Rule of thumb...there is only so much energy to go around and when the Eastern Pacific is hot...the Atlantic is not. Or... you count a week to ten days as the MJO slides East into the Caribbean and the Atlantic down the proverbial tropical road.

And, that's the story of...that's the glory of tropical meteorology and the prediction of tropical formation.

As for the wave in the Atlantic you can see where the wave is being cut off from it's source of energy along the ITCZ and is headed north towards the Carolinas where it may link up with a low that forms off the coast of the Outer Banks and move on up the coast later in the forecast period. I did not say a "named tropical system" I said a "low" and that is also part of the puzzle we watch. You can also see the blue, dry air moving into the Atlantic on the same loop making development in that region "iffy" for use of more professional term. :)

Part of that wave will move in over FL and the Bahamas and the lower part of the energy that continued westbound may link up with an area around the Yucatan that "COULD" .. maybe... possibly form into a weak low that forms in the Gulf of Mexico at the edge of where the strong high pressure ends.  Until that high pressure releases it's grip over Florida there will be no WNW bound tropical waves on their way to party in South Beach.

Watch the 7 day loop and you'll see the high pressure ridge does not retreat East for a week and hangs over South Florida. But, in a week it does leave the Gulf a bit open to possible tropical development just as the MJO begins to take up residence in our side of the world and in a climatological favored area for development in late June and early July.

On Mike's Facebook Page there is a loop that shows the possibility of a Gulf storm moving north in the Gulf of Mexico during that period. Check it out:

I rest my case.

Now...  with reference to the Miami HEAT and their incredible, electrifying victory over the Spurs last night there is a lesson to be learned on many things.

The Miami Heat is more than just the Dream Team of three of the greatest basketball players of our time, it more than just King James who wears the crown or Dwayne Wade who has unofficially made Miami now a part of Wade County, FL.

The Miami HEAT is a TEAM...they work together and they play together and they party together.

Our "Birdman" who helped the Heat defeat the Spurs.

Mario Chalmers... his incredible effort helped us win this victory!

Yes the Dream Team helped inspire and ignite the Miami Heat, but it is more than just three players.

In the past when I followed basketball it was about Magic Johnson or the Bird or one big player that dominated the game and seemed to score half the points against one helpless team unable to compete. 
Yes... Lebron rules the floor when he is hot..but the Miami HEAT is about a team of incredible players.

Some highlights from the articles below in the media on the win...on the party and on the team of the hour!

We celebrate the MIAMI HEAT...not the defeat of the Spurs who played an awesome game and made this victory so much finer... richer and more textured to beat a team like the Spurs in the 7th the end of a neck to neck race where neither team dominated until the end when the Heat pulled ahead and didn't look back.

Read the story in the link above and understand how much this team belongs to Miami and how much they give back.

"Upon accepting the NBA championship trophy, Miami Heat owner Micky Arison said, "Miami, show the world you know how to party!"

His team took those words to heart early Friday morning, after the Heat had defeated the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 to clinch the NBA Finals.

You see the players took their owner's advice and they showed everyone how to party..

"LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the 2-time champion Miami Heat headed to South Beach to celebrate their NBA title early Friday morning, but they didn't go to the popular nightclub everyone expected.

Instead they thrilled the crowd at Story nightclub, the sister club of the popular LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, with James and Wade arriving at close to 3 a.m. Teammates like Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Norris Cole, Chris Bosh, Juwan Howard and others were in attendance, as well as coach Erik Spoelstra, team president Pat Riley and Arison. Everyone was drinking Dom Perignon Luminous label, as 115 bottles were paraded through the club to the Heat's area. Local late-night restaurant Big Pink  delivered pizza in the club for the hungry players, and nearby celeb steakhouse Prime 112 made a special food delivery to James in VIP.
Rapper Drake hung out with the champs, and even Spurs guard Danny Green made an appearance."

Really I cannot remember a team like this in a long time, maybe going back to the 72 Miami Dolphins!

The 1972 Miami Dolphins came together as a team to be the undefeated team of all time!

Bob Griese the star quarterback was injured and the old, aging Earl Morrall stepped in and led the team to victory.  It wasn't just Csonka or Kiick it was Csonka AND Kiick.. or as we called them Butch and Sundance and Mercury Morris giving us triple threat to any team that stood in our way of victory.

Great video of Bob Griese speaking on the team and the perfect season... the coach and the No Name Defense!

Listen to how he talks... "we" "our team" "we" it is all about the TEAM effort... he made us proud, they all did...they still do and so do the Miami HEAT of 2013!

And... we partied then...we party now....and that is what victory is all about.

Not burning down the city or rioting... but partying and showing the love.. taking out pots and pans and taking to the streets and honking horns and going to South Beach and posting pictures online on Facebook where my Facebook feed last night bleed Miami HEAT RED... every post was about the Heat.

So...............whether you are working on a team of forecasters who are doing their job collecting data to help  protect and predict where any given hurricane will go during the Hurricane Season or playing on a swim team or a soccer game or a basketball game... team work gets it done. And, it makes the victory that much sweeter!

Besos Bobbi


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