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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LANDLOCKED... TD 2 OVER LAND.. ON LAND...but I'm looking east...

Not much to say about Tropical Depression 2.. landlocked or maybe he's put down his anchor and sitting a spell.

When was the last time the Clipper model was right?

As for me.. moving forward and looking eastward...

There is a wave and a trough axis and none of the models really pick up on it.. but I'm watching. Those models that showed development down the road were long term... not for early next week so I am waiting to see if any models suggest anything ..

And, I think I am homesick and soon I'll be drenched in Miami sunshine with the feel of the breeze of the beach and palm trees and yesterday's wine to quote Willie .. long walks on Lincoln Road in the early morning.

Watch how that wave flares up just east of the islands... note the Upper Level Lows and troughs..

There is going to be a storm in the Pacific.. you can see it flaring up, energy transfering and look at the water vapor loop...

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

There are indications that things are going to get going soon and I'm not talking about the MJO. Have a friend who may know a lot about how to eat lobster and crab, but he's wrong on the MJO.  Hey we are all wrong sometimes... I know I was many times but rarely on the tropics... more just life.

We make mistakes, we move foward and more so we dwell in the day and revel in it and find pleasure where we can and when you can buy a Willie Nelson CD for less than $4 it's a steal with 26 songs on it and cheaper than downloading them on iTunes and well.. I'm old school sometimes.  Then again I have an old school wooden CD, Record Player .. radio and etc all around do it all for you (or almost all for you) music box.. don't I?

Got to use it.. that's what Capricorns do.. we use... we make sense of things and we organize it all and so here I am organizing my messy tropical thoughts on this blog here.

Missing the ocean... my ocean. Usually any water will do .. but not this time.

If you want a home by the ocean.. in Miami... call my son :) he is obviously very MY son ... look at those pictures and he loves Miami the way his younger brother does who takes his Starbucks at Bayside between classes at Miami Dade College.

Oh by the blue waters of Biscayne Bay... I'm coming home soon to you.

He knows Real Estate and he knows Miami :)

4th Generation to work in Florida Real Estate.. to love Miami.

My other son sends me these pics of my favorite old buildings near Miami Dade.. 

Yep...expect something to develop real soon... close in to Florida 
just a feeling........

Besos Bobbi


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