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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watching Radar Loops and Eddie and the Cruisers and waiting for weather...

No tropical development.............tropics are on hold while the frontal boundaries clash with hot, humid, over ripe Southern Tropical Summer Air............... banging up against each other making sounds in the sky like a child banging on a tin pan with a big fat spoon!

If you look at the satellite you don't see it yet... it looks far away and not very close and nothing to worry about. That is why we have meteorologists and weather modeling and we know our stuff...and you guys have to pay attention and listen up. Keep your weather radio handy, your APP on your cell phone set up for alerts and if you are on Facebook someone ....somewhere probably going to remind you that any hour now the world is going to look like  it's gonna end.................and then...................... it's gone, over, whoosh.. faster than a speeding bullet and the GOOD part about a derecho like storm is... COLD AIR pools in behind the rain... cool air from the front that banged up against the hot, heavy, humid air and tomorrow the highs in NC will drop from today's 97 to around 82 degrees. How cool is that? It will inch up again in a few days, but for soon we can open the windows and enjoy whatever breeze might be out there and in the early morning I can take a walk just after sunrise it is forecast to be 59 degrees!

Now that is cool.. the cool, silver lining behind a wild summer thunderstorm traveling as if it's got a name like a Land Hurricane. Moving fast like a tornado, but large and lumbering like a tropical storm.

45% Chance of getting the big weather today...

Brad Panovitch knows weather... he posted this chart earlier on Facebook..
see you can find your favorite TV weather people on Facebook and get the weather
in your news cool is that?

As for me I'm sitting in my room on my bed, knees up with my laptop on them and I'm watching Eddie and the Cruisers.  Watched enough radar yesterday for a long time or least until the movie ends :)  

So... here's the radar roll... keep watching it should burst later this afternoon..

(on the phone giving my baby brother lessons on how to say de-RAY-chee-O oy how do you explain that a derecho is like one big mesoscale set up... okay let's make this simple. It's a REALLY BIG LINE OF THUNDERSTORMS that BOWS OUT and RACES ACROSS SEVERAL STATES IN SEVERAL HOURS TIME...  and it sort of shoots the rapids riding the line between the boundaries between hot and cold, cold and hot... words and music like in Eddie and the Cruisers"

Poor Joanne...she could never get over Frank and Eddie could never get over his music.

Personally, I always liked Return of the Eddie Lives... the return of... 

Hey... always been a big Michael Pare fan you know...

Then again I always liked Grease 2 also.........

Enjoy.... my words and music...

On the Dark Side............

Trailer for the movie less seen than the original, but with some great scenes not in the original.. <-- p="""">

Man behind the story behind Eddie and the Cruisers:

Something you didn't know maybe...
PF go figure lol. Amazing actually as he was also responsible for another passionate movie Dog Day Afternoon, seems he wrote the story it was based on. Wonder if he does weather too?

P. F. Kluge
"Paul Frederick Kluge, commonly known as P. F. Kluge, is a novelist living in Gambier, Ohio. Kluge was raised in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. He graduated from Kenyon College in Gambier in 1964 and teaches creative writing there now" <-- a="" anonymous="" blissfully="" for="" go="" group="" i="" ignorant="" imdb...="" imdb="" joined="" muses="" p="" prefer="" rarely="" remain="" to="" who="">

Got to thank my husband for telling me "EDDIE" was on... and another friend for helping to inspire me (yes me..go figure, not the other way around) who loves the movie and the music and the concept of words and music...and words flowing at the right time the right place............  <--- do="" i="" in...="" listen="" often="" p="">

Hesh.. he loves the Jersey Shore or any shore and he loves words and music... the way I love Miami Beach or any beach...especially a beach in Key West watching the sunrise...or the sunset... lost away from the hustle and bustle of life with time to do nothing but feel the music and write.........

Someone please rustle me up something tropical soon please......................and hopefully not in the Bay of Campeche... 

Besos Bobbi
Ps... Confession of the Day.......... I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THE NEW GEICO commercials..something smells.. or something's fishy if you ask me.


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