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Monday, June 10, 2013

Zero Doesn't REALLY Tell the Story

True, there are "NO tropical cyclones at this time" however there is always some area out there bubbling up a bit with moist, tropical air and convection gathering somewhere.

Sort of like the concept of it's 5 o' Clock Somewhere

Note the small circle of convection down in the Bay of Campeche also known as BOC!

Also, note the low running, west bound tropical wave in the ITZ...there has been an early and steady procession of too early waves where they shouldn't be for the first week of June. All it will take is one to enter a quiet area with less shear and it will become an early Atlantic Storm. Keep watching...

In the Carolinas we are expecting more rain.. Miami always expects rain..

In Budapest (...yes I said Budapest...) they are struggling with higher than normal flood waters and for a beautiful city built at the edge of the Danube River that is a problem. That's Budapest not Venice below.

Water seems to be a problem everywhere this June and I would predict here that we will have a very wet, watery hurricane season with large WET storms drenching many spots along our coastline and remember......we are only at June 10th and we have already had a landfalling storm this year.

Something to think on...

Worth watching, small spin at the surface.

Far away in the Eastern Atlantic where our better satellite is still broken and not yet working..

A better view....

Really got to get that broken satellite working... especially as we are in the mean season and need it!

Watching out for severe weather in the Piedmont Places which means from Atlanta to Raleigh the sky may light up and there is a small chance of twisters though straight line winds up to 60pmh may he expected in the area.

Besos Bobbi  (enjoy... i know i always do...)


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