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Sunday, June 09, 2013

West Coast Dry - East Coast WET Nada Happenin In the Tropics....

What's up with THAT?? I mean seriously? Is this a test? Absolutely nothing happening in the West..

Frontal boundaries linger along the East Coast as places to dry out without any luck from Andrea.

The water in Moore, NC is NOT receding and last night's rains made a bad situation worse.. and if you look at the radar up above you'll see more rain is on the way.

Link to story from the picture above:
(I know... doesn't it look like they called in Sheriff Andy... in Mayberry... got to love NC...)
Anyway, it's no joke and a lot of people who don't own much have lost most of everything they have so hoping this resolves itself sooner rather than later.

Sad video on TV of people's whose homes are flooded out...still...

It may be over for you and most of the East Coast, but it is NOT over for the small towns in Eastern Carolina flooded out.. a tidbit from the link above is below... not good.

" — Some communities in eastern North Carolina are struggling with flooding days after Tropical Storm Andrea dumped record-breaking rainfall.
Residents in the Moore County town of Vass were being rescued Sunday from homes surrounded by water after a nearby lake swelled with 4 to 6 inches of rain.
Crains Creek Fire Chief Kenneth Mackey says more than a dozen residents were taken from their homes by boat Saturday night.
Officials further north in Rocky Mount said Sunday they're cleaning up after sewer lines backed up in two locations on Friday during the height of Andrea's rainfall. One dumped nearly 5,000 gallons into the Tar River"
Another article:

Read more here:
A friend of mine who works at a news station tweeted today was the day to mow the lawn FAST before

Hurry up, mow that lawn. Meteriologist Mike Moss says numerous showers expected tomorrow.

I told my husband that Bruce said to mow the lawn fast.. he laughed. I told him he could take it up with him at Temple if he didn't want to mow the lawn... but no he did. The lawn was way overdue. He grew up in the country in upstate NY.. he doesn't really get that whole suburbia thing even though he's lived here for years and long enough to be an old timer in NC. The rest of the Cul-de-sac takes care of their lawns like they are trying to get on the cover of Southern Living..

See what I mean...

Whereas our lawn looks like we got in the car on Sunday and drove to the beach... which is often possible.

As for me I stayed home inside and watched Jimmie Johnson win another NASCAR race and talked to my son who is back on the road to Miami and listening to Carrie Underwood CDs.

And, I am going to watch the Miami HEAT play and maybe tomorrow there will be something to write about that is tropical...or topical.. but not today...

Besos Bobbi


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