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Friday, June 07, 2013

Andrea a WET Storm...Raleigh Crabtree Mall Has Flooding does NMB...... Delays at LGA, Newark and Philly..check your flights

Just had to post this story. Crabtree Mall, the Mall I wrote about this morning in Fran... has had some flooding. Parking garages, entrances and streets nearby where you enter the Mall. This should abate hopefully now that the rain has stopped...however in the next hour another band of rain from the West is moving in...  

So what do they do? They announce the Mall is closing early (good luck getting out..people were pushing cars and trucks dead in the water through the parking lot) and to check in the morning if they will be opening on time.  BUT...the anchor store announce that they will be OPEN and there is parking available on the upper levels. Actually, I think they said to enter the upper level as there is some minor flooding near the they are NOT closing.. because you park upstairs IF you can get upstairs. I suppose they figure it anyone wants to wade through the water and make it upstairs they can find refuge in the store and therefore not lose out on an expected busy Friday night shopping for Father's Day......

No words. It's that sort of mentality here that makes you wonder if Raleigh will ever get past the Mayberry mentality.  I've been told it's a big push me -- pull me problem here. Some people want a progressive new city with a better infrastructure and others don't want to lose the small town feeling.

I'm sorry but if you say they are open.. people get in their cars, drive over on streets that might be flooded at some entrance to the highway and or the Mall and get stuck. Sort of mixed messages. Lord have mercy, you can shop til you drop tomorrow.

And, that's the way it is in Raleigh on Friday evening as the sun is trying to poke it's way out and people seem utterly surprised that Andrea really stayed a Tropical Storm this far inland and caused this much flooding, tree damage and road closures. 

Maybe we should take Andrea as a trial run to remember to be prepared as the storms get stronger later in the season. 

Cars are being towed and they hope the parking lot will be okay tomorrow.

In NMB.. that's North Miami Beach to the south (not North Myrtle Beach) the flooding this afternoon when Andrea was finally gone was epic. 

My mother's parking garage............sort of like the parking lots here in NC....

Sweet Tropical Dreams


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