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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Andrea at 11... N at 6 MPH, 40 MPH Winds... Getting Ready to Make Her Move..

40 MPH
North at 6 MPH
1002 MB

Nothing much else has changed as for the forecast package...

The troubles Andrea is having are illustrated by the  picture above.  Dry Air/Wet Air.

An Upper Level Low is dipping down into the Gulf and will soon scoop up Andrea and boot her off to the NE or NNE across Florida.

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

As the storm has not strengthened noticeably the weather that has been plaguing the South Florida and Florida Keys has continued to be a problem. There are Tornado Warnings for Monroe County in the Keys presently and a tornado may have been sighted around Marathon.

Track has not changed much...

[Image of 3-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

You can see here how dry air is intruding into the Western Gulf of Mexico. You can also see the spin of Andrea in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Part of me wants to mention the possibility of reformation of the center. I haven't read anything on that in the NHC Discussion ...but these early storms in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico are famous for doing so even though I didn't officially say it... keep it in mind just in case.

Let's see what we see in the  morning.. If you live in the forecasted area of watches and warnings... stay abreast of any and all breaking weather news and plan to hunker down and take it easy this weekend. Golf and Fishing is out and if you had plans for an outdoor picnic with the love of your life or you wanted to take the grandkids to the zoo... make other plans.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

And, yes for the Farmers Almanac set............. yes it predicted a storm in the Gulf of Mexico for this week... Spot on huh? Yup. Gotta love it. All the magic weather man with the flying machines and computer models and ...the Farmers Almanac called Andrea way back when they put the 2013 Famers Almanac together.  Hey...sometimes they get lucky...

Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida

Southeast U.S.
Long Range Weather Forecast for June 4th - August 3rd

Includes Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida
Farmers' Almanac's long range weather predictions are available here for 2 months and if you sign up for a FREE account with us, we'll give you 4 months!
June 2013
4th-7th. Big thunderstorms from the Gulf Coast to Carolinas. An early tropical storm is possible in the Gulf of Mexico.
8th-11th. Mostly fair and dry.
12th-15th. Scattered thunderstorms, then fair.
16th-19th. Hot and steamy.
20th-23rd. Showery rains from Georgia through the Carolinas, followed by clearing. Squally along the Gulf Coast.
24th-27th. Scattered thunderstorms.
28th-30th. Fair, hot, and oppressively humid.


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