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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Andrea Making Landfall... New Yellow Circle in the Atlantic

#1 Look at that big red blob that is now a yellow circle with a less than generous 0% chance of development, I do think that will change... they made fun of the models that called for this to form days ago which I posted on previously.

TC Activity

#2 Look a the LONG red tail all the way to the tip of the Yucatan and Cuba. That signature is one that cries "TORNADO WARNING" as tornadoes are developing currently in Andrea. Tornado Warnings are up and down the coast issued by NWS offices everywhere. What a day in Florida. And, despite her fast forward speed...that tail will drag itself across Florida when she is teasing beaches in South Carolina...  something to think on.

#3 She is making Landfall currently...any time now... on those beaches that UF (GATOR) kids love to drive down to and hang out at........  they know those beaches well as well as the State Parks like Crystal River. Web cam and link to a site in Steinhatchee.

#4 Tampa a city that rarely gets directly impacted is... so is Jacksonville. Maybe it's time for them both to review their preparations for a much bigger, stronger storm.. patterns have a tendency to persist during the Hurricane Season.

#5 The GFS TRIES... "tries" to close off a low from the yellow circle and red blob..keep watching. It also takes "Andrea" directly over my house......tomorrow.

#6 There was a moment of silence held today by fellow storm chasers for TWISTEX and those who died during the El Reno Tornado. I find it cosmically karmic that this was going on while a hurricane was making landfall. Somehow.. I think Carl Jung would have appreciated the irony as well as the Tim and Paul Samaras.

May they be an inspiration and may we never stop chasing and gathering information to help save lives down the road to a place when cities have more of a heads up than they do now and a school years from now out on the Prairie somewhere will have more time to prepare and evacuate their students from impending death and destruction. We need to find a way. The way we learn is by gathering researching, sharing information and making a difference down the road for the next generation. Perhaps school systems in places like Moore, OK will one day better be able to pin point which outbreak will be the one they have to worry on ....and tornadoes happen lots of places not just out on the Prairie ...they happen in Hurricanes.

Besos Bobbi
Ps More after the 5 PM update and there has been discussion that they may make some changes to the forecasted track and/or watches and warnings.

If you live in the Del Marva, DC, NJ or even NY... plan on weather from what is Tropical Storm Andrea!


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