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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Serious Bow Echo Forming.. Cleveland, Cincy, Pittsburgh... Tornado possible.. Derecho possible.. evolving

Very serious situation in Ohio tonight as a line of storms has intensified and just when everyone thought the derecho warnings wouldn't pan out and the tornado risk was down... it went up again.

Evolving situation... will update in the morning. If you have people in the path of this storm take precautions.

And, tomorrow when the sun rises and the weather gets hot..we are going to do this all over again along the I95 corridor from DC to NY ... maybe North Carolina as well.

Note small vortex signal off of Africa... just saying..


There it goes...and also will discuss the severe line that drew a bulls eye on Chicago yesterday tomorrow's post or ...later today...

Enh Infrared Satellite - GOES East 12 hr Loop

Sweet tropical dreams.. Bobbi

Stay safe...


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