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Friday, June 14, 2013

Just Another Day In the Tropics.... Misc thoughts on Miami and the "deck collapse" at Shuckers & Stuf

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

Nothing going on in the tropics today except for a diving upper level low/frontal boundary. Let that settle and linger for a few days, maybe four or five and we might have more to talk about.

With that diving front and it's upper level low beginning to strengthen and take over the Carib..nothing specific is going to happen. Waves more west from Africa... June too soon.  Maybe something off of the SE coast if a front bombs out there. For now... if you gambled and are reading this from a cruise ship in the Caribbean lucked out!

In Miami the outdoor deck at Shuckers Restaurant collapsed into the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay despositing anywhere from several dozen to a hundred people into the water moments before a strong storm blew through making the rescue of the soaked patrons even more difficult. Add to that the loss of everyone's cell phone by either finding a watery death in the Bay or just being totally soaked in someone's pocket.. no one could get in touch with anyone.  They were watching the HEAT game... enjoying the HEAT game and the favorite spot of many fans to enjoy away games as they watch the sunset over the Bay became suddenly a bad idea rather than staying home which many did. Others went to the Arena for a "Rally" to enjoy the game and cheer them on, luckily my family was there or at private parties rather at Shuckers.

Last night and may I add at night when you are buried under umbrellas, tables, chairs and parts of the deck even a shallow water could have provided a tragic set up...luckily everyone was rescued and Dwayne Wade in an example of why we call Dade County ...Wade County asked fans after the Heat win to keep the fans at Shuckers on their way to the hospital in everyone's prayers.  As happy as we all were it was a bittersweet end to a magnificent victory.

Understand so many people came rushing out of the restaurant to help rescue people in the Bay.. older people were there, mother's with babies watching the sunset and the game... without a thought that everything could change in seconds.. reporters from nearby Channel 7 studios and all the neighborhood regulars of this beautiful community in the middle of the bay between Miami and Miami Beach. Best views of water in the city... great places to dine and hang out. Not last night..........

In the morning light...oh what a mess.....

What is normally looks like:'s worth noting 3 people are listed as dead in North Carolina from yesterday's squall line that raced through.  Less people are killed in small hurricanes with proper preparation than yesterday's storm.

People really NEED to take the proper precaution with the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE  posts Severe Warnings of ANY KIND.  People just fail to realize dangers because it doesn't  have a name and they feel like it's just a lot of rain...

Take care...enjoy a quiet weather weekend and I'll be back on Sunday...or Saturday Night should some storm system find a way to become a tropical question.

Kids are in from Crown Heights for Shabbos and Father's Day so it's a bit crazy here ... but fun.

Besos Bobbi


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