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Friday, July 05, 2013

10% GOM Moving West... Cape Verde Wave Beautiful

It's just a wave, but it's a beautiful perfect wave.... too low....too early....but perfect in it's moment today.

Saving a copy of it to remember. Rarely do you see such a perfect signature. If this was late August it would have a name I think.

Note NOAA notices it too! The models did as well. Conditions are not very favorable for this very beautiful wave.

Look at that S shape. Nice.

Out in the Atlantic is an ULL with some mid-level moisture that looks more ominous than it is and will move towards Miami over the next few days. It would be rare for it to work it's way down to the surface level and for now only moderate mid-level development is forecast and with all the rain you are getting there you will barely notice it. I think. There are darker reds over Miami currently... rainy pattern we got going ya know..

Saved copy of the 10% circle and the perfect wave with the bad timing for future reference. Sometimes waves like this don't develop when the conditions are negative and find a place to regenerate later down the tropical road.

As for me...spent yesterday watching clouds and planes... 

From North Carolina...the "home of flight"

No didn't buy one....

.......yes had some :)

And yes...watched fireworks. I like this shot though for simplicity... 

circles in the sky...

Raleigh had two sets of fireworks this early for the kiddies..
the other one later for those rocking away to music and beer tents and just hanging out

Sometimes watching others be happy is as beautiful as watching the fireworks.
This couple just stood there... arms about each other..
enjoying the moment... 

Continue having fun on this 4th of July Weekend and I'll continue watching the tropics

Besos Bobbi


Look at the wave train behind this one...


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This is gorgeous!


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