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Monday, May 20, 2013

Twisters, Cicadas and Tropical Updates

It's one of those mornings... can't pull it together and there is so much going on and yet as the day progresses I feel that so much more will be going on.

Twisters in Oklahoma were responsible for two people dying tragically and a whole lot of misery and today may be the sequel as the clouds build, the set up remains the same and the energy will be relased in the form of more storms.

The imge above is from and that is debris flying in the air as the "dominator" moved towards the tornado. No, can't say it's a cow or a semi, but it's for real and if anything does happen this afternoon you can follow it on TWC or TVNWEATHER.COM. Got to say, Reed and Jim on the road is about as good as it gets.

Why tornadoes? Why now after all the articles about the slowest season in the history of forever? Because this whole year has been that way so I am wondering if Cape Verde Storms will make landfall in October at this rate.

You can see how the tropical warm energy in the Caribbean is meeting up with the area of unstable weather in the Plains. You can also see how the pattern is setting up for possible problems in 9 or 10 days in the tropics.

The GFS keeps spitting out possible tropical development in the Carib in the long range. But on every other run it's in the Carib or the Pacific. We often watch the trend this early in the season more than the actual output of the product.

On the East Coast people are worrying on Cicadas not tropical weather or twisters.

For anyone here who is a newbie I hate cicadas any year, every year...but this year they are supposed to be Cicadas of Epic proportions. Brigadoon like they arise out of the ground suddenly, have a lot of sex, dance about and then go back to where they came from...dust to dust so to speak...

The Capital Gang is watching this for us carefully.

I cannot believe I have to go into the heart of Cicada Country when they are about to hatch. A wedding in Baltimore...a nice excuse to dress up, dance and see friends and then............the ocean....

I better not see or hear a cicada or it won't be pretty.

But, be warned...they are out there ... lurking...getting ready for party.

I'm getting ready to leave town at the first chirp... anywhere but where they are...

A look at my own personal morning:

A look at my morning...

I sent this to my brother with the words S A V A N N A H :)

  • Have you ever toured the First African Baptist Church of Savannah? It is a wonderful experience!
Tour Schedule: 
Tues. & Thur. at 11:00 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Wed., Fri. & Sat at 11:00 a.m. and 2 p.m.
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    • Ron Call me asap....please very funny...

      Bobbi oh fine. i'll have to stretch and change positions to get the have broken the beauty of the moment here where I didn't do a frigging thing except read the news and watch satellite imagery wishing it was football season or hurricane season or any season other than rain, rain, go away season

That is a church in Savannah that they were showing on Facebook today. Learn more about it as it's an awesome place as is any place in Savannah.

Become their friend below, though have to say it's low on my list right now after a dream to got to Seattle and want to see Key West before the summer is over and personally I like Winston-Salem, thinking a Bed and Breakfast...yes really or New Bern. Anyway.......look around for yourself. Oh, and Nashville before the year is out with my brother Ronnie for sure. Asheville too...

Anyway, all of the above is my brother and I talking on Facebook. If you want to lose an hour of your life ...check your Facebook. Then again..almost all of my mail comes in through Facebook.

It was one of those mornings when the realization that you are really not feeling well settles slowly over you after the coffee didn't help ...and then the shower didn't help and you wonder if having a Nespresso will help and then you realize nothing will help and you cry uncle and call the Chiropractor though he is not my uncle and one of my favorite ones is in Israel celebrating his birthday so ... made an appointment with Joseph who is good ...good enough...better than not going.

And, I do miss the football season and I can't wait until Hurricane Season officially starts and can't wait to sit and stare at a beach, any beach, anywhere... anywhere that there is a breeze and a sunrise and an ocean. I'm so desperately landlocked today I'd take a good river.

If you are in Wilmington, NC this is a great place to watch the sun set over the river. Have a drink..relax and watch...

The view you would be looking at:

New Bern is nice too ....

Either way it seems my brother and I are both thinking on traveling, but going in different directions this coming weekend. Meet me in Savannah is our usual battle cry...not this week.

Back to weather............... I did notice I was rambling, explain that later.

For some great images follow Texas Storm Chasers online and order some of their amazing prints to decorate what is I am sure your adorable adobe somewhere probably not in Texas ;)!i=2522985067&k=Xhq8X3c

Come on click.... I know you want to...

Anyway, I am going to the chiropractor....til then 2 Happy Camper Pills washed down with some good honey bourbon is what's for lunch and catching up on the last episode of Nashville which I missed when I was offline for the Shavous Holiday and all that cheesecake.

Take care everyone and plan out your Memorial Day Weekend carefully... weather may or may not be a problem and you may as well be informed about the storm before it forms!

Besos Bobbi


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