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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ode to South Beach... and WHY Lebron Took "his talents there" and Left Cleveland

I remember watching this for the first time and thinking "seriously anyone could ask WHY leave Cleveland?"

How can anyone ask that question? I'm sure Cleveland is a nice place to visit.. certain places maybe on certain days in the Fall or the Spring. But, Miami's history is filled with people who made the decision to leave Cleveland and never looked back.

Julia Tuttle the "Mother of Miami" lived in Cleveland and that was in better days for Cleveland I may add.

Carl Fisher at one point lived in Cleveland... he moved south and never looked back aslso.

You see Carl saw the value of living on Miami Beach any time of the year... even in the winter ;)

Note they both made that decision BEFORE AC came to Miami..or was discovered.

After the recent realization that the Cleveland Police Department could not figure out where 3 missing girls were after they were abducted almost on the same block... it puts Lebron's decision into perspective. Yes, I know they tried... they also probably figure any time some young thing goes missing in Cleveland they have taken the first hitchiker south for the coast and simply ran away.  Yes, I know they tried very hard. Seriously? This man LOOKS LIKE the images drawn of the person who offered one of the subjects a ride home??? 

While watching video of a neighborhood that looks like many a poor area in Cleveland...though granted not the worst... I think back on my life and think how lucky I was to be raised in Miami and a good part of that time on South Beach.

This is my favorite place to get coffee growing up.. Cuban Coffee that is..

And this is my favorite place to drink Nespresso other than my bedroom..

My favorite place to walk for exercise :)

Clevelanders, south beach, Miami, Miami Beach, FL - A fun place to party for those over 21. Great view of the beach, but only 3 rooms have balconies. The outdoor bar has music until won't be sleeping. Not for everyone.

Ocean Drive....better than the Riviera ...

365 days a year you can eat outside in the sunshine while parrots fly overhead like a scene in a movie.

My favorite place for Ice Cream on Miami Beach... cheaper oddly than most chain places..go figure.. it's a secret I hope I haven't given away ;)

Yes we have our "bad areas" but I'd take some of them any day, any day in the year over places like Cleveland.

And, the ONLY Cleveland I'd like to near is the Clevelander Hotel!!

And, wishing I was having breakfast at the Books and Books on Lincoln Road, Yogurt Fruit special.. under the walkway to my father's old office in the Sterling Building.

Miami Beach on it's worst day in the middle of a hurricane is better than some cities up north ...

Any day of the year... it may be a banana republic, but it's our banana republic..

Besos Bobbi daddy's of those portholes ;)

And, I used to runway too when I was young... to play pinball at the Fountainbleau ;) and then I ran home... 3 4 blocks away.. and no we weren't rich but we lived rich and we were happy and I loved it then and I love it still... if you are going to be poor somewhere... or rich... move to Miami and you'll have a rich life, 365 days a year!


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