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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

MAY 1ST... One Month to the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season

.... 15 days til the start of the EPAC Hurricane Season aka "off the West Coast of Central America"

30 Days to the Start of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season ....

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

Do Models develop the "BLOB" ???

You be the judge...



The Canadian does.. but it has a history of over developing systems.. Or maybe it just likes over developed storms??  Save the links  for when we get really busy...


For now quiet, but signs of convection just where they should be this time of year.

Blob in the Gulf of Mexico and FLORIDA:

Snow in Iowa:

Snow in Texas?

Flooding in Minnesota: (picture from site above)
more info in the link above..

Where trouble goes.. Twisters follow. With this much warm weather coming up from the Gulf towards that much cold weather in the Plains.. trouble is sure to follow.

A Tale of Two Countries...

North and Mid-West and Plains = Snow

South = Rain, Spring Storms
NE = Winter Waiting to turn into Mud Season...

Follow the extremes in the Weather online at

On Facebook: <--old chaser..="" friend="" great="" him..="" like="" no="" one="" p="">always knows where the WXR is NEVER STOP CHASING!!

Great links to follow online:  <--- best="" compelling="" comprehensive..="" p="" really="" the="">
Make your city your home page, he has lots of cities listed in the bottom left.
Current City I'm Watching: Tampa <--- and="" for="" fun="" hang="" in="" know="" out="" p="" place="" talk="" the="" those="" to="" tropical="" weather.=""> <-- an="" but="" first="" goldie...="" hangouts="" my="" of="" oldie="" one="" online="" p="">
Got to tell you.. Drudge is a little bit of a Weather Geek himself: (always good links on this page)

They often go live during weather events, they are one of the bests!

For ANYTHING and EVERYTHING MIAMI... The Alfred Spellman Daily

And...............the BOTTOM LINE ALWAYS:

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Will be posting soon on the expected furloughs at the NHC just in time for the Hurricane Season? I'm sorry... the timing in this is just ridiculous and out right dangerous as they work non-stop around the clock even when there are no storms to write advisories on.. say it ain't so Joe..

The true definition of penny wise and pound foolish... so so stupid.


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