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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Blob In the GOM Headed Towards Florida.... Snow in Nebraska

That's one big blob in the Gulf of Mexico moving in on Florida. My brother called about the "blob" as I was putting this post together. Is that Great Minds Think Alike or is it just I raised him being 12 years older and trained him in the science of being a Hurricane Fanatic??

Anyway, my daughter-in-law in Iowa is going to be more concerned with the snow headed her way. When I say concerned, I am underplaying the amount of negative energy that is going to be around that beautiful, smart girl... she is so done with winter yet winter is not done with her...

Almost looks like a FSU Seminole Rabbit mocking Miami which is gonna get enough rain out of this system to feel like it had a weak hurricane.

The NAM shows something forming IN the Gulf of Mexico indicating a piece of this energy is going to hang back, as part of it drifts off towards Florida.

Look at that last frame... that's not simply a "frontal boundary" anymore..

It's a model which is more like a "suggestion" than a "prediction" but worth remembering.

GFS plays with it to, sort of like small money gambling.

GFS - US - SL Pres/Prec - 4Panel(1-2 day)

Notice on this loop ...a piece of the "energy" remains. This is sort of like playing Homeopathy Hurricane Prediction I guess :)

Some more maps to look at which make you go "hmmmnn"

And, look at that tropical moisture surging into the Gulf of Mexico and lingering around the Caribbean so early in the season. Note the last few frams at 10 AM this morning look like someone turned the Juice Switch on..

Check out the loop, linger it over today and Thursday... that's a mess waiting to happen!

ThursdayISH meaning going into Friday.

It might not get a name... but for now everyone is calling it "The Blob"

Either way, I predict parts of Naples and Miami will continue to deal with flooding and am talking to inland flooding, way inland, although I wouldn't go to Whole Foods on South Beach today unless I had to and it might be worth your money to go to Epicure further to the North on Alton as flooding rarely happens there compared to further down on South Beach. Maybe it's in their lease?  Time is money and it's gonna be a slow drive down Alton Road and West Avenue if this system dumps more rain on an already flooded out area.  If you live in Westchester ...stay home and don't go out looking for Cuban Coffee today. And, if you live in the City of Sweetwater, perhaps you can explain to the City of Miami Beach how you got rid of the flooding problem out in the Glades and maybe they will listen up for a change.

You see the dirty little truth about Miami Beach is that the flooding problem usually occurs in May and June, too soon for the height of the Tourist Season for the South Americans and too late for the Tourist Season for the New Yorkers who have flown back up north already. So, it's something that the locals deal with more than anyone else. If they thought it would stop a huge convention from coming down they might do something about it. Maybe.

And, be glad you don't live on Saturn, cause that's one mean Category 10 Hurricane there ...

Will update later today as needed or as things develop and I do think something will develop.. even if it's a Tornado Watch somewhere in Florida or a Flood Warning after the water has risen..

Besos Bobbi


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