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Monday, April 29, 2013

Winter Won't Let Go -- I 95 RAIN

Been raining steady in the Carolinas for the last 24 hours, though the real rain came in late in the day and has not let up. I fell asleep last night, after a very busy Sunday, to steady, heavy rain pouring down. Woke up to heavy, steady rain falling. I'm a little worried the new rose bush might have washed away...

The high was 62 degrees here, I wore little furry, white boots to an "indoor" BBQ meaning we all sat inside on a nice "sun porch" while the food was cooked out on a BBQ that had some partial shelter from the rain. Good food, good friends, good rain... but cold. And, I keep wondering how that will factor in to this year's "start" and well time will tell.

Look at that rain across I95. Glad we aren't driving north or south today...

Now... look at the next few days.  Snow........ go figure and lot's of it!

And that cold weather WILL be moving East. Glad we are not driving out West and that snow better let up soon as I know some kids who will be doing that drive soon.

The reason I was in Raleigh, was because it was very rainy at the Beach yesterday, cold and rainy and I had a wedding to go to and do in the end... we will take a "rain check" on the beach.

In Miami Beach it's gonna rain and rain off and on for days I think. Nothing that odd for May, but still is this a stationary front stalled out "rain" or the "monsoons" and I think it's a front... Spring Rain so to speak.

Note the area off the coast of Melbourne into the Bahamas..

Forecast in

Everyone is talking on 2004 and 2005 so I keep wondering on those years.

Note Alex started late at the END of July in the area we have been watching for some quasi sub-tropical storm this week.

File:Alex 2004 track.png

An old front, stalled out... the energy got trapped down below and the water was warm enough for Alex to form as he moved back to the north very, very slowly hugging the coastline of the Carolinas before going the distance out to sea in the distant North Atlantic. The difference being this year it feels still like winter and that was in late July and there was a tropical wave that ran off with the lingering, frontal trough!

July...not May.

A good site with lots of into of those 2000 seasons that people have been watching is linked below from Intellicast. Back in the day...when I first went online to play tropical weather games it was one of my favorite sites to go to and am talking way back on AOL ;)   A lot of great sites now, but they do a good job and it's a jam packed site. Always good to blend the old with the new and stay afresh of new places to hang out while watching and waiting for the season to get rolling.

What will 2013 be like? Don't know. Time will tell... but for now winter won't let go...

So for now.... bundle up and keep watching.. unless you live in South Florida where you are going to have to duck out of the rain for days..

Besos Bobbi


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