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Monday, April 22, 2013

Fire, Floods and Snow... Winter Won't Let Go...

Firefighter battles a blaze in Monrovia.

In Monrovia California they were dealing with forest fires up in the canyons north of LA. Happens, happens often up there every so many years. You just never know where the fires in California will break out... this year here, next year there.  Beautiful part of the world up there... nice views when the air is clean.. up above the City...

Along the river the snows are melting, the rains have fallen and the rivers are swollen.

Floods are horrible. The cities of Clarksville and Alton have both dealt with waiting for the river to crest.

You see the Missouri River flows into the Mississippi River and they meet just north of St. Louis. In years when flooding is a problem this is often Ground Zero.

Up to the North due to SNOW... and winter weather from TWC's Winter Storm ZEUS..the Miami Marlins game against the Twins was cancelled...for now... a Snow Out I suppose?

The Weather Channel hit pay dirt this year, by picking a year to name storms when they came on slowly but then strong and they refuse to go...

Of course... we should be dealing with Twisters and Thunderstorms and yet we are still shivering and wishing Winter would just let go.

In the Carolinas it was warm... fuzzy, warm and it felt like summer and then........WINTER makes a come back.

It's cold by my standard... in the 30s and 40s at night.

But, oh...the Azalea are so beautiful in the sunlight and the Dogwood are holding on despite the wicked storm we had last Friday evening.

So..................keep watching... eventually Spring will make a return.. and we less than six weeks until the start of the Hurricane Season.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... we are all Red Sox fans this week. And, this past week has seemed like a lifetime..


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