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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Record Snow Could Turn Into Record Flooding. The Blob Is Still There in GOM..

Before I discuss the snow that is piling up on my kid's patio furniture in Iowa... and it's a lot of snow. I want to briefly discuss the tropics.

Notice the moisture in the Carib south of Cuba? On it's own one would wonder what's going on down there. See the twisting in the atmosphere south of Mobile? On a visible loop you'd see it spin more. Then there is an area down near Panama.

The reality is that the area south of Cuba is part of the same system to the North that has been drenching Florida. The area near Panama is akin to waves coming off of Africa...except in this part of the world they blow up off of Columbia and drift up into the Carib out West into the Pacific. That's a simple explanation, trust me there is a much longer one.

A lot of weather specialists have compared this cold, late winter to 1979. I am sure after the snow has stopped falling today we will have a new year to compare this year to ... but for now. Let's look at 1979. A lot of Gulf Coast Storms with the exception of the problem of David in Florida. What that basically shows is frontal systems were alive and well and kickin' during the summer bringing moisture north from the Caribbean. Same set up as now.

Track Map

Also, long trackers which came from Africa which is also expected to occur this season.

Lay those end tracks that went all the way to Upstate New York over today's temperature charts and you can see why the storms of 1979 went where they did.

Frontal boundaries... that didn't want to go away.

Something about the mixing of the hot and cold, much like long lost lovers trying to hook up again together who are beauty and the beasts types. Opposites attract, troubled lows follow troubled lows, alpha males seek out alpha females..  And, that mixing...the nearness of opposites often makes for a memorable hurricane season.  When weather is mild, a high is in solid place anchored across the Atlantic with a few blocking ridges and and storms can't seem to get their mojo going...nothing really memorable happens.

So far 2013 has been a memorable year in the wake of Hurricane Sandy a later than usual hurricane that took a historic and unusual path and the beat seems to go on this year.

It is worth noting that TWC is out there on the prairie with their Tornado chasers when they probably should have seen the Blizzard of 2013 coming and prepared better for their chase of Achilles their new winter storm.

My kid's balcony in Iowa. I am They are so over snow and yet, snow is not over them. This was at sunrise, they have more snow now...   and it's still snowing.

Actually, the spinning low in the Northern Gulf of Mexico is enhancing oddly the snow fall totals. Check out the way the moisture oozes up and gets filtered up into the mid part of the country. The description of today's snow.... HEAVY, WET and accumulating.

Connect the dots here and see how the oranges in the loop below connect back up to Iowa where there's snow falling.

Look at all those Lows draped all the way DOWN INTO THE GULF today:

The problem is all those River towns are going to have to deal with the huge amount of snow that will melt and add to the flooding problems that will crest next week while the chase goes on for Tornadoes which usually rule the Plains this time of year... not blizzards.

Mixed up storm chasers... always chasing something or someone...

Well you know what Reed says... NEVER STOP CHASING :)

Will be back later with some thoughts on the system in the Gulf known currently everywhere as THE BLOB and if you live in Florida anywhere you could be under the gun for more rain...  Same goes for Mobile and Biloxi where the odds are going up for an early Gulf Storm or two... this season.

The shower is calling and there is a rumor that the sun might come out later today in Carolina.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... going to post links every day for the next 30 days that can be enjoyed to get you in the mood for June 1st.  My home site these days is which gives me just about everything I need and want... but am always looking around to see things from another perspective.

And, by the way sorry about that wrong number this morning. Had no time to chit chat as I was attempting to get through this blog and stay on track.. so guessing you got the right person but at the wrong time for the right reasons but you had the wrong number.  Hmmnnnn

Love this Nashville and LOVE Country Music...
"Didn't know what he had until it was gone" So true...then again that cuts both ways doesn't it? I guess it was the right dance and the wrong song?  In any language... music makes everything better ;) have a beautiful day where ever you are... and smile! Besides, you know the rules... the games don't begin until June 1st!


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