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Friday, May 03, 2013

May 3rd. Watching the Carib, ULL off the Coast of FL Spinning

For now South Florida seems on the clean side of the dirty little upper level low and for now is not dealing directly with flooding rain just yet.. though it's in the forecast.

Further up the coast . . . rain is going to be a problem it seems.

Some models show a weak low of sorts form close in a long the coast near around Jax and wander up through the Carolinas and Georgia or it stays off shore. Nothing really worth writing home about, but something to watch for trends that show how the start of the 2013 Hurricane Season will play out!

There also seems to be a spin off the East coast of Florida on the radar which would reflect circulation at lower levels than previously discussed.

And, look at that system in the deep SW Caribbean.
Okay it's not really a "system" but it's definitely "something"

Besos Bobbi

My... that's some meteor falling down there ...looks a lot like a weather comet in the Caribbean.

Fun to watch..


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