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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Can't Get Out of Banama Republic if you try today... MIA & FLL BOTH Shut Down Due to WXR

RT : Airports MIA and FLL both SHUT DOWN due to weather.

The weather news keeps breaking in the South Florida Area. Seems even if you want to get out of Dodge AKA "Banana Republic of Miami" if you try today. Airports closed due to flooding, severe weather and if you have a connecting flight... sit and spell .. you aren't going any where, any time soon!

My daughter called while driving south..or trying to to on I95 near the airport. Well, she thought she was near the airport. She said it was so dark it almost looked like it was night time.. couldn't see where she was.. and got a text that there was a Tornado Warning and to "take cover immediately"

Where? If you get off the expressway around there the cross streets are all flooded? Never get off the road near Hollywood Blvd there... never or worse yet Hallandale if there is an Urban Flood problem.

The entrance to FLL from US 1 did parts of the airport it seems. The picture above is from WPLG who was sending out warnings.

The NWS posted a Tornado Warning, then began tweeting pictures. Hmnnnn..

The problem with warnings like this is they are too politically correct. FLL Airport is adjacent to Port Everglades immediately to the East. Mind you .. very few people are going to be stuck in traffic on their way to Dania or Port Everglades. A mention of FLL might have been a good idea... 

Tornado warning issued for east Central Broward County, including Dania Beach, Port Everglades & surrounding communities, until 5:15 p.m.

North Miami Beach is also flooded right now.. as is most of the Miami-Dade and Broward.

10th Avenue in NMB...that's waves she's making driving very slowly through the flooded street.

It's a mess. Thankfully it was a very fast moving system today. Wonder what tomorrow's system will look like as the system is still in the Gulf pumping up this moisture from the Caribbean across the Miami Area.

I normally love the NWS. But, I do feel it's sort of falling behind the loop when they are busier tweeting pictures and warnings AFTER the fact.  

I'm getting Tweets and IMS before the warnings are posted to the public.. just seems wrong.


And, it just seems wrong not to have seen this coming.

Then again we are ignoring the pattern and ignoring what is pumping up this moisture also it seems.

Enh Infrared Satellite - GOES East 12 hr Loop

That "low" in the Gulf of Mexico is spinning and connecting with moisture in the Caribbean and you can call it anything you want... but it's cyclonic.. it's idiotic... but it's Miami.

The line in the movie always comes back to mind.. "you don't say there's been a shark siting in Miami unless it climbs up onto Biscayne Blvd and bites a German Tourist" or something like that. Absence of Malice... a great Miami movie and that so true.

We don't say the Tornado Warning is for the airport, we say it's at the port across the Street..

Probably why I rely on my storm chasing friends more than I do the official sources... 

TORNADO WARNING Broward Co, FL for strong rotation btw Hollywood and Ft Lauderdale along w/ flooding rains!

Oh and the drive home this afternoon to Cooper City, isn't gonna be easy..

Besos Bobbi.. stay dry, stay informed and remember if you have any good flooding pics, sent them to the NWS as they are retweeting them for you.. 

It's an interesting world these days.. but perfectly normal for Miami......and again it's always more fun on Duval Street..

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