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Friday, May 10, 2013

Hurricane Stew

Several ingredients go into a good Hurricane Stew. It's a like a gumbo, and speaking of gumbo New Orleans is under siege as a line of storms is going through complete with tornado threats, hail and high winds. What does this have to do with hurricanes? A lot, but hang on and I'll get to that sooner rather than later.

1) There is a new Hurricane Chat room for people to talk about everything having to do with hurricanes  named! (You thought it would be Stormtalk or something? Seriously, we are two weeks and counting until the 2013 Hurricane Season. We are talking tropical these days.

Register and you will get a page that looks like this...except your name will be in the upper right hand corner.

Neat, sleek and on target. Just what you will want to discuss with your hurricane friends and ask questions, learn, shoot the tropical breeze. Yes, we Twitter and we even Pinterest these days, but there is nothing like a good old fashioned Chat Room now is there?

Back to New Orleans.

This image above is in real time so if you are reading this on May 30th there will be no storm line racing from Nola towards Mobile. This morning, as I write this, New Orleans is under the tropical gun. There is also a nice ball of fire down near Columbia which means the monsoon trough down there is alike and kicking.

Speaking of kicking:  <--- cajun="" music="" p="">
News around the tropical ports of call this week is the general consensus that this year will be NEUTRAL vs El Nino or La Nina and no Neutral is not "boring" it's interesting. Above average season expected/ You are wondering how active? Ask someone on  ;)

Also, when things are displaced like this year when people are changing tornadoes in Nola and Miami.. it's a sign that it's not going to be a consistent, normal year for the hurricane season. The troughs are deeper down south and more active.  In a few weeks the troughs will bomb out, hang there and on either side of Florida you may see early tropical development.


As for me... I'm going dancing. Zumba.. not Cajun music, but maybe she'll play a Cajun song. She does sometimes.

Hope you are all wondering what to do for your mother, your aunt, your older sister, your neighbor who is like a mother... grandma, etc... I know I am. But, I'm missing my Aunt Ada who I really loved a lot and was more like a mother to me than my mother.. and my Grandma Mary and I am who I am because of those amazing, wonderful women. So... as I always seem to say.. "so... whether you are madly in love with your Momma or the hardest day of the year is Saturday night before Mother's Day trying to pick out an appropriate card...  have a wonderful weekend!"

I know I'm thinking on what to do... amazingly, with all my kids and Stepkids... there are none here to celebrate with but am gonna make some good tea for breakfast with my youngest son's present and listen to a great CD from my younger brother and see what else the day has in store for me.

Besos Bobbi

Ps..Has to be my favorite Hurricane song so far this season. And, did anyone catch Cantore on TWC with Reed Timmer? Got to love it. Lucky man there Cantore...  Never stop chasing ;)


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