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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Early Voting in NC On a Cold Day..Watching Damage Reports on Sandy

Some of my family is voting in Florida, some in New York and some in North Carolina... oh and Iowa.

My youngest son came up to NC for a while and registered to vote here for President. Well, he's been here but going to school in Miami and "home" now so to speak. He voted. It was very, very exciting.

My husband who could have voted down the block at the local voting precinct decided he wanted to vote early so he and Jr as I call him these days decided to go vote "early" and I stood around staring with pride in my heart and pushing away a tear as I watched him go up and get his ballot and with an excited look on his face take his ballot off to the booth and... vote.  He also Facebooked about it... the importance of voting.

I remember when his oldest brother went down to the Miami Beach City Hall on the day he turned 18 to register to vote. My kids are very politically savy and often come in conflict with each other as to being Republicans or Democrats...but they vote.

And, I wondered how many people decided to vote early after seeing the problems that arose surprisingly because of Sandy's siege of New York City and New Jersey.

I mean to say this honestly $HIT happens and whether it's a sudden illness, an accident, sudden bad weather or an unexpected trip out of town for a family emergency... things come up. If you want to make sure you vote, do it early. It's easy. Everyone is friendly, well around here they are.. and you are done.. you get your little "sticker" and you have voted.

Not saying how right those two lean... but saying they have a point. Things happen and the only way you are sure there won't be a problem is if you vote early.


My son Mendy took these pics in Manhattan where he is out and about safely up far enough to not be affected by power problems and flooding.

That's the crane that collapsed off in the distance... 

Pictures from others online...

The always amazing Texas Storm Chasers..

Part of a damaged church in Crown Heights

Using wifi in cafes and charging phones...

Boro Park... more trees...they got "LUCKY"

Some people did not get lucky....

In a world on a day when many people feel helpless and wish they could make a difference..

You can.. go vote.. vote early.. 

Make a difference...

and then...

Give to the Red Cross or some other charity of choice

If Sandy can teach you anything it's that anything can happen on any given day.. 
...if you want to control your destiny.. don't wait... 
Vote Early for the candidate of your choice...

My guys did... proud of them...

(okay the voting place was like over the river and through the woods... but they voted)

Go vote! Trust me.. you will feel a bit better.. a bit more in control and then...
Give some charity

Besos Bobbi can vote absentee as well.. I have many times since I first began voting..
It's like voting insurance... it insures your voice gets heard and your vote gets counted!


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