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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Rainy Night in Raleigh...Watching Superstorm Sandy

Mike Bloomberg is begging people to stay in side... now he's concerned.

Maybe he should listen to the weather people when they say it's going to be a historical storm.

Water is surging up both sides of Manhattan on the Lower East Side and the Battery Tunnel has flooding.

Which part of they know what they are doing did he not get...??

My kids are here:

Son B is in the Upper West Side at the top of the map and he is insisting he is not getting much... Good :) so far...

Tweets from nearby:

Taxi hit by a huge tree branch while driving on the Upper West Side NYC - wife took pic walking the dog 
Upper West Side NYC-empty Columbus Ave- lone rollerblader 
So far, on the Upper West Side, this thing reminds me less of "2012" and more of "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day." 

Daughter A also know as Daughter D

is down near Kings Highway but NOT in an evacuation zone. Okay, she's a block or two away but she's safe and she keeps peeking out into the storm to see what is going on. I know her, she has a tree down the block she loves..

Son C is in Crown Heights ... high up but with a lot of trees....

WATCH: In Brooklyn people still walking their dogs as wind gusts increase from  (Crown Heights) 2:50 PM ET
So far, so good in Crown Heights. Power, internet, no flooding, no explosions. I feel a little sick from eating too many cookies though
RT : Lights flickering in Crown Heights. Keeping fingers crossed they don't go out. I have mag light and candles on deck.
Lights Flickering. C'mon Crown Heights!!!
So glad I moved to Crown Heights, in the dead center of Brooklyn, rather than on the sideburn of Manhattan in Alphabet City.

The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is flooding: <--- here="here" local="local" news="news" often...="often..." p="p">

Joe Bastardi is on FOX... expect Southerly winds on the back side of the storm pushing water back up to the north ... Water is being blown out of Delaware Bay.

Flooding could go on for days...

Not sure why they thought the Subways wouldn't flood... pics from Twitter... check out the people below who are Tweeting live... with good info.

Hey... for a mother with 3 kids in Hurricane Sandy... it works well for me.


1 new Tweet
!!! RT : MT : Up to four feet of seawater is entering subway tunnels under the East River. 
Up to four feet of seawater is entering subway tunnels under the East River. 
Hurricane  is 344 miles NE of Raleigh, moving WNW at 21 mph. Max winds 80 mph (Cat 1).  
RT  WSJ is now confirming that seawater has entered subway and auto tunnels. Could take a week to re-open.
Evacuations due to rainfall flooding in Greene Twp., PA. Chimney blown off a home in Ft. Loudon, PA. Locator: ...
RT : Up to four feet of seawater is entering subway tunnels under the East River. 


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