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Monday, October 29, 2012

Message for New Yorkers...Long Island.. Stay put & safe... You ARE getting this storm even if it "hits" NJ..

Please pay attention this graphic... in the New York Area... CT... Long Island...

Flooding can come at you from both directions..

The wind will suck the water up and onto the NORTH SHORE of Long Island...

The water will pound Long Island from the South... and NORTH...

I post this because people do not seem to understand this is possible as they are prone to look south's what might come at you from the north...

The Tall Ship was lost off the NC coast far from Sandy... going out to sea for safety.

If you are in the path of this storm... safety is an illusion.

And, a hit in NJ will spare NY in some ways, but the storm surge is the worst case scenario as the area in any storm ... even ones not 900 miles wide... slamming into the coast north of the eye wall gets the biggest storm surge.

Got it?

If not .. look at this graphic:

Now look at the evacuation map my daughter sent me to let me know she is safe......................

Do NOT look at this picture in NY and think..."oh I"m fine" no you will not be fine...

By the way...........power has been lost now on parts of Long Island.

Go to a shelter... if you can still get to one and yes I believe you can take your pets..

This will be an EPIC storm for the NY area especially with regard to power outages, trees down, damage to buildings, beach front property, property on the Lower East Side... Brooklyn.. homes, trees and just about anything you can think of...


IE... Good luck the ToysRUS on Coney Island... the ferris wheel may fair better... the way this is a picture I took last summer while shopping at Kings Highway Shopping Center/Mall for a dress for an engagement party. It is my daughter's favorite view from the Mall..she parks on top of the parking lot so she can see this view...and this too is Brooklyn... this area will flood.


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