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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Johnny mercer pier..

Massive swells sliding fast towards shore....wind beating back the waves..spray flying. One lone fisherman on the end of the pier ...there is always one...

Surfers on the beach...a few bobbing in the water attempting to surf..waves too strong. Really swells with waves on top.

Ten feet the guy working the pier said

Cold...very cold with strong gusts..

Never seen the water so dark here. Reminds me of some place in new a scene out of the Perfect Storm.  True....really true.

This is one powerful mean business storm..

I said last year when I was at the beach Irene was a joke. Check my blog. Winds were not making it down to the surface.

Trust me on this...not sure where she's making land fall but she is  NOT Irene.

Reminds me of floyd..andrew...

Fingers freezing...more later.

A wild wicked storm

Besos Bobbi


At 2:00 PM, Blogger Ralph Linares said...

Thanks so much Bobbi. Started reading your blog a few days ago, and appreciate all of the non-mainstream info. In NJ about 30 miles from NYC. Elizabeth to be exact, a port town. Will keep checking back as long as there is power.



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