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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rain & Weather AHEAD of Hurricane Sandy's "Landfall"

Where is Hurricane Sandy tonight...Saturday Night on October 27, 2012?

Is she on the Outer Banks where she is producing sustained winds of over 50 mph with gusts higher? 

Noooo she is a far to the South... due East of Savannah, Georgia. However, the Outer Banks and other areas in both of the Carolinas are getting massive amounts of rain and strong winds.. even inland.

Barometric Pressure 29.61 in Savannah to the West of Sandy.

Radar from Charleston SC which is West of Sandy

Barometric Pressure: 29.57
Winds North 18, Gusting to 29 MPH


This is not a "NORMAL" storm.. it is a Hurricane inside of a Nor'easter ... a MegaStorm.. or whatever you want to call it, but unlike your run of the mill hurricane the weather will deteriorate hours, days ahead of Sandy's landfall. Wherever that landfall is... Del Marva, New Jersey, NY or Long Island... you will FEEL her days ahead...

Tropical Storm force winds have JUST begun to affect the coast of Virginia while her center is due east of the Georgia/South Carolina state lines.

This is the NHC Graphic showing where Sandy is..however it is VERY misleading. Because the weather affected with Hurricane Sandy stretches from Savannah, Georgia currently to Virginia Beach, VA and moving north way ahead of the storm.

The hurricane symbol on this map is the exact location of the middle of Sandy... for tracking purposes.

At 8:40 PM Saturday Night Sandy is south of the most outer, Outer Banks and due EAST of say.. Savannah, Georgia.

Her weather is far out ahead of her which is a big problem.

People have a false sense of security when they look at the NHC Graphics that show she is hitting _____fill in the blank__________on Monday Night or Tuesday ... no her weather will hit you way before and it will stay with you for days.. Do NOT wait until Sunday night to go out and look for a few extra boxes of Diapers.. bags, however you order. And, don't order then on Amazon as they will not be delivering in a storm.   Do it NOW.   Think Walmart, Target, Kmart..stores open all night and remember... Dollar Stores are often overlooked when people shop for hurricane supplies so even if your local grocery store is sold out... your local Dollar Store will probably have goods.. the smaller the Dollar Store the better. Spread around the money...

And... even the low range Tropical Storm Force Winds spread out over 3 or 4 days can bring down trees, create power outages that might not ever occur with a fast moving Category 1 Hurricane.

Check out conditions on the Outer Banks NOW.. today... far to the north of Hurricane Sandy.

That is 5 days of possible Tropical Storm Force Winds and Conditions... possible.
Remember what you learned in school about erosion..over time. 
The damage that water can create on coastal roads over 2 or 3 days.. 

Now look at Newport News, VA

This is tonight, Saturday Night at 8:52 PM.
NOTE they are getting winds gusting above 30 mph

check out some radar images tonight... 

OBX Radar Saturday Night NOW

OBX to the North of Myrtle Beach.. NOW Saturday Night

Dover, Delaware 

Understand the WEATHER FIELD of Hurricane Sandy is marching slowly ahead of her like foot soldiers ...

It's going to be one messy day way before you find out whether or not Sandy hits your area in NJ or Long Island or NYC.

I have very low barometric pressure in Raleigh tonight. 29.71. That's low enough to have a Tropical Depression... disturbed tropical weather and I am not in the path of Sandy and I am 400 or so miles NNW of Hurricane Sandy.

Understand the problem here? It is not about one pin point on the track..this is the NHC track put into a great graphic by Skeetobite Weather.

Note in Raleigh I am NOT inside of a circle yet the winds currently are 19mph STEADY and gusts to 25MPH.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please treat this storm system differently than you would other Hurricanes or Nor'easters.

And, remember if you go to the store and they are out of batteries, medical supplies, bandaids, etc... check out your small, local Dollar Store.. or any store that may have what you need.

Money from the ATM
Medicine, Diapers
Reading Material?
Candles and Flashlight Battery Operated Lanterns to read by...
Gas in your Car

I cannot repeat myself here more..

Do not pay attention to the hype. Do not be afraid.


Stay educated and informed.
Put in your local city... zip code... do it often.

Besos Bobbi

Ps.. I will be posting all night with info until I go to sleep..whenever that will be so go through previous multiple posts from tonight for info.

And, to those of you emailing me..thank you and yes I am getting the posts.. whether they are email or posted here or on Twitter.. stay safe and thank you!

Lastly.............if you made it through Irene without much of a problem, Sandy is not Irene.

Irene rarely seemed able to transport her strong wind down to the surface.. Sandy does and has and remember if she didn't rain much on the beach at Coney Island... she created inland flooding with a high death toll and damage far away in New Jersey.


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