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Friday, October 26, 2012

5PM Update on Hurricane Sandy -- Models Still Differ

5 PM Cone
Hurricane Sandy still on track for her surprising NW turn...



These are the current models on Hurricane Sandy that show the problems involving the models.

One set hook west into the coast harder and lower heading NW.. WNW even inland.

The other set go north and they show Sandy pretending to go out to sea and then curving back and slamming into NY across Long Island towards the Great Lakes...

They talk nonstop on how unusual this storm is but there have been other storms...

The Great Chesapeake Bay Hurricane of 1769--This hurricane plagued the Mid-Atlantic coast from North Carolina up into the Chesapeake over the two days of September 7-8, 1769, and was probably one of the strongest storms in the Mid-Atlantic during the 18th Century. It made landfall near New Bern, North Carolina, and laid that town in ruin as tides rose 12 feet above normal. Most notably, it caused widespread damage to the Stratford Hall plantation, which belonged to the family of famous confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Great site with many storms like this to read through:

Worth mentioning the storm above... a famous storm, a storm that would be extremely deadly today more so than even then and even then it was considered devastating.

Something bothers me about this set up and the concept that it has "never happened" because I know it has... we just don't have records.  It would have been an October Gale that would have sunk galleons on their way somewhere filled with treasure. These waters around the Outer Banks were home to Blackbeard.

Just because we have built up cities and suburbs we think things will change...they won't.

And dead men tell no tales.

I would imagine the storms that sunk those ships have their Captain's Log at the bottom of the sea.

Tired of the hype. I feel like we should make those games like for Presidential debates.

1. Every time they say Perfect Storm: Have a some ale.
2. Every time they say "never before in history" Have some pretzels.
3. Every time they say "unprecedented" have a shot of Rum.
4. Every time they say Frankenstein have some popcorn.

And, the list goes on and on.

They are getting serious now, because the State of Delaware just asked people to take down political signs so they don't go blowing in the wind.


Darn, I'd hate to see Cape May destroyed before I ever saw it...

I have to tell you. This past summer we went to Ocean City, Maryland with my son. He'd been wanting to see the Bay Bridge and his Step Father likes to spoil him in small ways like that. I suppose he owes him as my son was adamant I marry him and begin this life of going back and forth from NC to home in Miami. I'm glad they are good friends. It's nice. Actually, most of my kids insisted I marry him. If I had wanted to call off the wedding I would have had to take Greyhound Bus westbound somewhere no one knows me.

So we went to Ocean City, drove in at night on the way back from New York. I'd heard a lot about Ocean City, MD so I was curious to see it. It's interesting, looks very "up north" for me. My son said, "come on it's just like Hollywood Beach..."   "Uh, no..." I told him.... It is, it isn't. And, being a hurricane person I got into many a conversation with store owners about the possibility of storm surge and their businesses being not that far from the water's edge. They assured me that they NEVER have a problem. I stared at the water which seemed close to the boardwalk. My son assured me that it's much lower down and it's an illusion.  Ever have a talk with an 18 year who knows everything? Doesn't go easy, don't even bother.  But, because we were just up there with an Oceanfront view from our room the area is more real to me than it would be otherwise.  Then, we drove down across the Bay Bridge...which is truly awesome. I'm putting a video up below so you can see.. wild really. Make sure you stop and go out on the fishing pier in the middle of one of the islands.

Imagine they have locks they put up to stop the ocean from going into the tunnels..

Anyway... we drove across the Del Marva Peninsular twice this summer. It seems more real.

So, although everyone says it will go up to Long Island, New York and Cape Cod.. I'm not sure it won't come in sooner, sliding along the Outer Banks and up through that region.. the whole S curve pat is in the timing. The smallest difference can mean such a big deal.

However..............EVERYONE NEAR Sandy will feel something. We are talking a storm that could be 900 miles across. Sort of like the Mother Ship coming in for a landing lol.

I've heard people scream weather modification and insist this storm was man made.

I've heard people jokingly say it is a punishment for the longest election in history and it is going to end up in DC. A friend online insisted it would go very slow.. because everyone knows you can't get anywhere on I95 in DC that fast.

I'm glad people have a good sense of humor.

Other's are calling it a storm of "biblical proportions"   ... ummmm... really?

I don't think they had hurricanes in the Bible. Tempests maybe. Hurricanes no..

Article below showing the possible financial problems that could arise if this scenario plays out.

Where's Superman when you need him? Probably off saving the world somewhere...

Maybe we all need a group hug or group prayer?

Take a look at Hurricane Sandy and the whole entire area on the WV Loop:

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

A good grahpic posted online which will later be updated, but it's valid as of 4pm Friday afternoon.

Time will tell...

I'm going off for the Jewish Sabbath as I do all the time. I'm leaving TWC on a TV in the other room on mute over "Shabbos" that is what I call my "storm mode" and it's there to check if things get funky and go bump in the night here. 

It's getting quietly windy now, all afternoon it has been weird for lack of a better word. Peak of color, leaves falling fast in a steady breeze. Warm enough to go outside without sweaters and there is a tropical feel to the air. Humid in a way. Not hot and humid, just moisture moving in.

I'll be back on Saturday night after Shabbos. 

Until then go to for all your info online...they link everywhere.. to the best sites, graphics, models.. they link to me :) and I'm very honored. They are top notch and Mike does an amazing job.. as he always has..

Until the storm actually crosses the finish line and comes across some beach somewhere... we are in a wait and see mode. And, not focus on the center of the path because the wind field is 900 miles wide in some places so it can come in around the Del Marva and NY/NJ will still get this storm and NC will be having Tropical Storm force winds and... people in NE will feel it down the road.

We are under siege from Sandy...that is the truth. 

And, the beach I went to this summer where I watched the sunrise... may be "ground zero" depending on how this plays out.  Beautiful beach, beautiful picture from my balcony.

Have to thank my husband who is in the kitchen cleaning up from the mess I made cooking for shabbos guests so that I can write this blog and stare at loops. Wow. How cool...

Sweet Tropical Dreams... 

Don't be afraid of Sandy, just make a plan, prepare, stock up... let your friends know where you will be and family and ride her out... with patience and faith.

Besos Bobbi

Ocean City, Maryland.. the ladies in the stores on the boardwalk assured me it's never a problem...


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