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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Takes a Bite Out of Deerfield Beach Pier.. AFTER she passed to the North..

Pics from online sites, a great source of an instant view of real time weather...

another similar...

yet another from Channel 7 linking to the damage at Deerfield Beach Pier

As always Channel 7 is on top of all forms of media, they stay with the times to cover the weather. They do a fantastic job of covering breaking news and weather... always.

The damage so far has been minor but what is important to remember and think on is that most of this damage was done from the BACKSIDE of the Hurricane Sandy AFTER she moved further North. Her backside is strong... all sides are strong. And, though they kept saying over and over her Western Side was weak, as she expanded out in a slow transition to Extra-tropical she expanded on her WEST side and in the most blunt and current language I can think of .. Sucks for the Mid-Atlantic as she is now producing strong weather that has trained all day over the same spot in South and North Carolina along the coast while at the SAME time... slamming strong surf into Florida even after her "center" moved to the North.

Again, this is the problem with Hurricane Sandy, it's not just about the "Center" it is about a storm that covers several hundred miles forecast to be 900 miles wide at landfall..  That is not hype, that is pure scientific fact and that fact needs to be dealt with properly and accordingly.

I'm posting these pics to show the power of the storm even when it is far off shore and after it has passed north of their latitude.

Note...SNOW if forecast along the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC and Virginia... forecast, and possible. Deep snow.

If you heard talk on TV that her EAST side was her strongest and she was lacking weather on her West side.. ignore that, everything has changed and as she transitions that Western side will grow..

She's a dangerous storm.

I'll be back with info from the 8PM and discussion in a bit.

The Pier has survived but parts of the Ocean side lost planks, railings.. it will need to be repaired if the ribbon cutting ceremony is to go on in early December. They just spent $4.8 MILLION Dollars to fix up the pier ...

"The damage to the ocean-end of the pier from Sandy comes just as the construction at the beginning of the pier nears completion.
The ribbon cutting ceremony for a $4.8 million project consisting of a new restaurant, bait shop, and elevated public pavilion, as well as new restroom and shower facilities for beach goers, will take place the evening of Friday, December 7.
The City does not anticipate that the repairs now needed at the end of the pier will be completed by the ribbon cutting for the Pier Entry facilities."



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