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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Problem With Hurricane Sandy... Forecasting Nightmare

This image shows a mass of strong weather to the west of Sandy that is possibly as strong as the center of Sandy... well... definitely strong, maybe not as strong but that area is not in a graphic for strong tropical weather.

To make matters more confusing...her wind HISTORY has strong wind out way ahead of her..

[Image of areas affected by tropical storm and hurricane force winds]

Mind you she has a wind HISTORY in her FUTURE path???  Odd but true...

Note the weather is to the far LEFT of Sandy in this image above

Note in all these pictures... the storm is expanding to the West.

Sandy is not moving to the West... but her weather is oozing over...

If that trend continues it leaves people not in her path in danger of being taken by surprise

While we worry on NY and NJ... 

It's a complex situation..

Stay on top of it

Put your zipcode in... 

check out your local weather...

I'm going to bed... going to listen to the wind
and try not to worry on a lot of people traveling tomorrow

Besos Bobbi

Stay safe, stay informed... 


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