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Monday, October 29, 2012

11 AM Hurricane Sandy INTENSIFYING 90 MPH & Random Info OC Pier Half Gone, HMS Bounty 2 Missing

11:00 AM EDT Mon Oct 29
Location: 37.5°N 71.5°W
Moving: NNW at 18 mph
Min pressure: 943 mb
Max sustained: 90 mph


This is why I call this Nor'easter Sandy

She is literally being sucked up and in...

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

This is a picture of the HMS Bounty in better days...she is a beautiful TALL SHIP that has been abandoned and two crew members are missing... in high seas... okay I give up this IS The Perfect Storm 2..

Please bear with me today as this is going to be a round, robin, random fast paced blog based on things that are happening NOW currently that may be interesting to someone here.. I'll try and keep it diverse.

Also understand I have 3 kids in this storm and ... some grandchildren involved (i got married young ;) and) numerous loved ones.. and I have lived in Crown Heights a few times in my life so I know Brooklyn and New York City very well... okay I barely know Queens but I do know NY and love it and have my own worries that go beyond whether or not the stores on the OC boardwalk bite the dust... but as I was just there it does keep me curious and concerned.

This tree damage was from this morning in Mid-Town Manhattan where one of my kids is riding out the storm ... with some friends. The door is locked to the roof so I feel better than his place in Brooklyn where he practically lived on the roof..

Note the leaves are still on the trees...yellow...there are a lot of trees with damage like this NOW
way before the storm makes landfall, which was my issue yesterday...
the amount of weather BEFORE the storm hits because
of the size of Sandy
(yes I told him to go back inside, no he probably won't he is my son)

Say good bye to Fall...when Sandy departs the scene it will be Winter..
and this may affect Winter Christmas Sales this year as many people will
be making up money from lost time on jobs, repairs and post storm problems
and there will be less money for the newest Barbie doll..
that is how storms affect the economy...

More trees down all over New York and Long Island while Sandy is hundreds of miles from NY

This is why you need to stay from Facebook link above..
if they fall on you... not good. 
Stay home, hunker down.

This is first time in 3 decades that the NY Stock Exchange is closed due to weather... 
30 years...................

And, if they are closed people should stop complaining about why NYC shut down the transit system yesterday, it was a wise, wise decision to shut down the trains, buses and planes..

It may put a crimp in your life if you want to go down to Coney Island to look at the waves before it gets "unsafe" of go get pizza at your favorite place but is unsafe to force so many people who work for the Mass Transit of the NY work rather than going home and protecting their family and property. These are real people...with real lives and they are working on a subway train not EMT people...they deserve to go home and you can all just SIT home and ride it out you do NOT need to go to work... or to the beach or anywhere. The time for that was yesterday.... <--- being="being" doors="doors" image="image" in="in" link="link" locked="locked" of="of" p="p" square="square" the="the" times="times" to="to">

"Assistant Station Master Cory Harris locked the main entrance to Grand Central Terminal, at 42nd Street and Park Avenue, after the last train departed at 7:10 p.m. on Sunday, October 28. Grand Central closed in advance of Hurricane Sandy.
Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Aaron Donovan"

Good call. Stay home. Hunker down. Stop complaining, think on others and their lives.

In Ocean City, Maryland the pier has been washed away..damaged. Half the pier is gone..

Granted it is not a big concrete pier like Johnny Mercer but...

Picture from this morning..

My computer is slow because my son keeps watching the webcam from Ocean City... 
seems maybe the seawall was not strong enough... 
(no words...)

Ocean City Maryland:

Oh well.... this sea wall was not built for Sandy..

compare that to where I watched the sunrise in my hotel room


That picture I took myself... behind the seawall and the fence in my room on my balcony...
Imagine that is under water right now... and they abandoned the HMS Bounty and the Pier is gone..


 My other son in Crown watching the the storm that is 900 miles WIDE

This is his list below that he's using as a friend sent it to him and now my other son is watching it

I'm 5 Feet 2... rule of thumb.. If I can sit on a sea wall without jumping up.. it is not that high..

The Tall Ships...this ship had problem off the NC Coast ... I'm telling you water was scary.

"PORTSMOUTH, Va. -- The Coast Guard has rescued 14 members of the crew forced to abandon the tall ship HMS Bounty caught in Hurricane Sandy off the North Carolina Outer Banks.
The Coast Guard is searching for two other crew members. It corrected the total number of crew to 16 from 17.
Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Brandyn Hill says 14 people were rescued by two Coast Guard helicopters about 6:30 a.m. today.
The survivors were being taken to Air Station Elizabeth City on the North Carolina coast.
The director of the HMS Bounty Organization, Tracie Simonin, said that the tall ship left Connecticut last week for St. Petersburg, Fla. She said the crew had been in constant contact with the National Hurricane Center and tried to go around the storm."

Real Time Traffic Cameras -

TVN chasers streaming live from Brooklyn -

Be back later..
Besos Bobbi
Stay safe...............


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